All about staffing???

  1. Have any of you heard about a company called All About Staffing? If so, what do you think of them? I just got a phone call from them, and the guy said he's going to look around in the area I'm relocating to and see what he can find for me...
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  3. by   mamamerlee
    Never heard of them, but I hope they don't ask you for any money for their 'search'.
  4. by   shoegalRN
    I have heard of All About Staffing, from what I know they are the agency for HCA. In my area, they only put people in HCA facilities. I hear they pay every week and the pay is pretty good, something like $42/hr for nights. I also heard if you take a 12 week contract, you can make up to $60/hr. They also have a 401-K plan too.

    I used to work in an HCA facility during nursing school and they had plenty of nurses from All About Staffing and this is what they have told me. I currently work with a nurse who work for them during the week and she confirmed the $42/hr pay.
  5. by   caliotter3
    I have seen their ads on often. I would be concerned about how this recruiter got your phone number though, if you haven't been putting your contact number out there because of a job search.
  6. by   fungez
    I worked for them for a year in the Austin area. They place for HCA hospitals only.
    bad points -
    no benefits except 401k match (can't remember how much)
    lots of cancellations (my cousin called them All About Not Staffing)

    good points-
    34 bucks/hour for day shift on m/s, more for specialty and nights
    lots of flexiblity - I only had to schedule one shift every 3 months (heard they changed it to one month) and could cancel up to 3 hours prior to my shift
    paid weekly

    I quit because the director left and I didn't like the new one. Also the hospitals I liked to work for started dragging their feet about using agency, leaving only the sucky one. Four shifts at South Austin and I said no more. But for the year I was there it worked out okay.
  7. by   wooh
    You'll be stuck in HCA facilities, which isn't a good thing. But if you're going to be stuck in a HCA facility, better to make more money doing it through them than through the hospital.
  8. by   priss614
    Yeah, I keep hearing mixed reviews about HCA hospitals. He got my number from my resume on CareerBuilder. I'm a Pedi nurse moving to Jacksonville, FL because my husband is Navy, so no benefits is definitely not a problem! But if I could get a Pedi job paying $30+/hour I'd be a happy camper!
  9. by   PostOpPrincess

    Worked with them.

    They're okay.
  10. by   Just_An_Illusion
    What is a HCA hospital?
  11. by   caliotter3
    Hospital Corporation of America. Major operator of hospitals throughout the nation.
  12. by   mmd08d
    I currently do NICU with AAS. Pay ranges from 43.50 - 47.50. They do staff only HCA hospitals and they don't offer benefits. Other than that, it isn't bad. I'm only required to do 1 shift/month.