1. Does anyone know or have access to some current literature that states the alcoholism rates and relapse rates?
    I'm looking for something like "1 in 10 Americans are addicted to alcohol" and "90% of Alcoholics relapse within 1 year after recovery."

    I've been searching and searching and searching and searching and my eyes are bleeding.


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  3. by   sunnygirl272
    ack...i looked for only a littel while and my eyes are bleeding...
    try theses sites anyhoo...:

    "The two problems are as entwined as a double helix. And alcoholism seems uncannily suited for survival, extending its own life, viruslike, by psychologically disabling its hosts. The hallmarks of the alcoholic personality - denial and blaming others - both feed the disease and fend off recovery. The relapse rate for alcoholics four years after treatment is 60 to 90 percent, national health statistics say." from

    "In a 1991 report on a study on alcohol relapse over a 10-year period, Finney and Moose found that male and female patients released from an inpatient program had a 57% remission rate after 2 years and 46% after 6 years. Of those who had relapsed, 67% had not recovered. Relapsed patients were more depressed and anxious. They had more physical symptoms, smoked more, were on more medicine, had lower incomes and more family problems than those who remained in remission did. During the period of the study, 19 of the alcoholics died, while only 2 of matched controls from the same neighborhood did. Of those that died, 12 were reported to have been drinking heavily before their deaths by their spouses. The average age at death was 58. Heart disease claimed eight, liver damage took four, cancer claimed two, stomach ulcer took one, and three committed suicide (Journal of Studies on Alcohol reported in The Harvard Mental Health Letter, October 1991," from
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    I found a site also It has an interview with Nicholas A. Pace, MD on Relapse. I tried putting in but it wouldn't come up but if you try the first web site, you should get it.

  5. by   hoolahan

    Scroll down and there is a section on alcoholism statistics. Hope that helps.
  6. by   hoolahan
    This has more of the stat you are looking for
    Also link on the prognosis section, no hard numbers, but decent info on relapse.
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  8. by   Q.
    Thanks guys. All the links were very helpful and what I was looking for. Perhaps I was looking too hard.

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    Alcoholic redivivism