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This is so irritating. This is the only shift I picked up this week for overtime and I am cancelled. I was cancelled last week. To top it off, there isn't any other overtime available. Agency per... Read More

  1. by   ohmeowzer RN
    that would be horrible with the no CNA's and 6 patients. i wouldn't stay long on that unit either.

    well i worked OB / post partum and ante partum for many years ( still do) and yes it is much easier. but when i charge down there i take a full patient load 4 patients and charge the unit. each unit has it's own give and take , we don't have CNA's in OB . well most are healthy patients, i worked this weekend on postpartum and had 2 ladies bleed out and we ended up coding them. they were on pit and everything.. things happen and it's not all always easy on OB. we have baby deaths and it is very busy. healthy pt's can code any minute.

    MBARN08 i am sure you are a awesome nurse now. i'm sorry about your job and having to do compelete care. that is wrong and it shouldn't be. i send you lots of hugs and hope you can get out of there someday soon.
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  2. by   Riseupandnurse
    I would love to be cancelled. I'm prn and I can't remember the last time I asked off and got it. Years, anyway, and I ask all the time. What I wanted to say too is that actually 6 patients in med surg is too much these days. They are all so very sick, the equipment is so time-consuming, and the protocols and regulations are maddening. I was almost 40 when I started nursing and it is totally unlike any other job I had. Maybe combat, I guess. Why do we put up with this and feel great that we have "only" 6 patients when it is 2 too many, if your patients/families are anything like mine?
  3. by   pagandeva2000
    Coincidence, because I was cancelled out from an assignment I was scheduled for in a few weeks and I had the same feeling...counting on extra money to save. At the moment, calling med-surg for extra hours does not seem too appealing since we do have two patients positively confirmed for swine flu...I don't want to get stuck there.

    Are you already a full time worker at your facilty? If so, usually, something else can come up, but as mentioned, it is usually when you aren't very prepared.
  4. by   RN1982
    Yep, I'm full time staff. I was also on overtime. It's just irritating because I'm getting ready to go on leave and I need the money as i'm only getting 60 percent pay after I use my CTO. I think I'll change my tax exemptions and put them up to 9 so they take out less federal tax and I'll have a better check.
  5. by   SummerGarden
    to all, i am trying to transfer off of my floor but i am unable to do so at this time due to the lack of openings. so i am going to join the army... in the mean time... it is what it is....
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  7. by   RN1982
    In the meantime, I applied to another hospital's contingent program. I also emailed an agency that I've been keeping in touch with. The guy that owns it sends me frequent job postings.