Age discrimination?

  1. Has anyone ever encountered a nursing program practicing age discrimination?
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  3. by   TazziRN
    Yes, There are two nursing schools in my county. When I was in school there were three students who had experienced this at the other school: two were flunked out and they feel it was because of their ages, the third was told to her face she was too old. That school has had problems with the state for the way the program was run and was actually closed for a couple of years until they were able to restructure and get their act together. They are now under probationary status.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Nope - most of the students in my school were returning students in their late 30's or 40's and 50's. Just a few in their 20's.

  5. by   momdebo
    The school I went to did have a policy that they needed to make sure they left enough seats open for high school seniors that wanted to enter their nursing program, didn't want to flood it with "older students", I overheard the topic in a faculty meeting, they didn't know I was in the hallway, they really had a problem with all of us "older students" that were pursuing nursing and taking up valuable space that could be occupied by graduating seniors.
  6. by   Larry in Florida
    If it was me. My lawyer and I would be owning part of that school. Thats illegal (ageism) PS I'm 61
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Oh I am sure there are plenty who practice it (age discrimination). It's PROVING it that is the challenge.
  8. by   NurseCard
    I'm more than sure it exists in a lot of places, but my personal experience was this: There were women of all ages in my nursing program. My oldest classmate was in her 50's.
  9. by   toons_are_rad
    Entrance into the nursing program in my city is based upon lots of different things. It goes on a point system grades are worth five points, references are worth 2, personal letter is worth one, if you grew up here its worth another, etc, etc. What was interesting, and I think it is fair, is that and extra point is awarded to applicants who had been out of highschool for more than three years. They're reasoning for this is that Canadian healthcare is primarily public and our shortage of nurses is ridiculous. Our eduacation is 50 percent government subsidized. They found that by taking older applicant they were more likely to finish the program than drop out. In a shortage this was important Just thought I would add to the discussion. I think starting fresh is amazing and i am one of the youngest in my class. Without the older students sharing life experiences with me I would never end up being the nurse I will be. You Go Girls!
  10. by   prairiecat
    I am experiencing age discrimination as we speak but I will never prove it. Ha! Wish I could, my daughter is an attorney. I am mid 50's and I have been singled out in my class and basically isolated when it comes to clinicals. I will drive 800-1000 miles/wk alone for class and clinicals. Everyone else was set up with a buddy from their area to commute with, but not me. I already have a degree in education plus masters work and this is acareer change for me. I have found many instructors very intimidated by my experience and knowledge. This is so stupid. I may have experience in other areas, but I am here to become a nurse so I need knowledge from them. They are very short and distant. I only have one semester left and I have a 3.85 GPA so I guess they will have to keep working to push me out. Yes, I am buy far the oldest in my class. Ah, the hoops of education have made me a very good jumper :uhoh21:
  11. by   MAISY, RN-ER
    My whole graduating class was 30 and up, the oldest being 57. We had one young woman of 21, she was the only one who didn't pass the NCLEX! We started with some young ones, but lost them along the way.

    Personally I am not sure why ageism exists for nursing classes, perhaps it's just the instructors who cannot handle "adults" questioning them. I happened to be "one of those" students who questioned tests questions that made no sense and that the instructor could not explain. I think younger students are too afraid to make waves, older students expect their instructors to have the correct answers to problems. "Read the book" doesn't work for us.

    To the poster who mentioned already having a Masters in Education, of course you are intimidating. You actually know how it's done! Sadly many nursing instructors only know how to read it out of the book, but not how to break it down for comprehension. Good luck to you.....I am sure you will be great.