1. Hello...just wondering if anyone can give advice about getting through opiate (heroin) addiction.....i have a very close family member that is currently struggling with this terrible situation, and am just needing all prayers and any advice please....Has anyone ever experienced any situations like this, or had any patients, etc....Thanks!
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  3. by   ava'smomRN
    detox, prayer, family support, and help. my father was addicted to crack and a couple other things, and believe me it takes time. i really havent been communicating with him since he has gotten himself together because i think i am still mad at him, but it is very important to let the person knoe that you are there for them and want to help, and also that you have forgiven them. i didnt accomplish all of this with my father yet but my sister has and im starting to realize how important it is, i just need a little moe time. Prayers for you and your family!!
  4. by   ava'smomRN
    Did i say time, it takes time. Please don't expect a speedy recovery. thats all
  5. by   CCL"Babe"
    My sister's former fiance was addicted to herion. He was a bright educated man with a college degree. He tried it a couple of times and became deeply addicted after they met. He was in and out of multiple rehabs. Started stealing from family, ended up robbing banks. He was in and out of prison. He could never "shake the monkey so to speak". I wish I could find some of his writing about his addiction, it was very enlightening and profound. He ended up killing himself because he could not break his addiction. I can't tell you the heart ache my sister and all of us went through with him.

    Finding help can be very hard because drug rehabs often say it's a psych problem and psych says it's an addiction problem. Sometimes I think it's a mixture of both. Working in an ED I often would encounter that situation with my patients.

    My sister found a lot of strength witn NA ANON (The support group for family of narcotic addicts). Through that organization she did meet people who were able to quit the habit which gave her hope and support. I believe you can find their number in the phone book. I wish you al the best. I'm sorry that I didn't have a positive experience to share.
  6. by   sanakruz
    1.Detox.Inpt. 7-10 days.
    2.Rehab.Inpt. 90 days.
    3.Sober living environment (SLE) one year
    The stats for recovery from heroin are dismal. I believe its no more than 10%.The drug steals one's soul
    This is a pricey way to recover,as few insurance polices will help out since managed care came along. Do it anyway.The next stop is the criminal justice system.
    It is indeed a psychiatric problem. Addiction medicine is a speciality. Most individuals in this field are in recovery themselves.
    I believe the group for family members is NARANON
  7. by   nowplayingEDRN
    I second sanakruz's advice........NarcAnon is an excellent organization for assisting in recovery. I really truely believe in the inpatient detox and rehab......and in addition to all that. A new set of friends...if you start associating with those you used to party will be right back in the bottom of the pond again. It is a hard thing but one that must be done.

    Toss in time, prayer and family support and a determined attitude from the recovering person andusually you get success. You have my prayers and thoughts.

    PS: Make sure you find a doc that specializes in detox/rehab........a key and essential to success
  8. by   Murt
    The main thing is not to got his or your hopes too high or expect instant results. If hes young and hes the energy to be a druggie (its hard work) he may keep at it for a while yet.
    The most important thing for the present is that he manages to stay clear of Aids, Hepatitis and death by overdoes. Encourage him to be 100% hygenic and to vary his injection place, ie not ruin his legs by shooting in his feet constantly. If he can avoid these problems he may one day see a point in giving up, if he has aids why bother?

    Heroin adicts who do recover are normally in remarkebly good health afterwards (if they dont die by or get aids etc), alcoholics, benzo ppl are normally suffer much more long term problems, ie brain damage, phsych problems etc.

    Be patient with him, dont shun him keep it in the open, be understanding and when he decides he wants to give up be there even more for him.

    Most ppl seem to give up best when they havnt the energy for the daily "hunt" anymore.
  9. by   Tweety
    Just remember you didn't cause it and you can't cure it. Just be there. Remember also that relapse is very common before long-term clean time can be attained. Best wishes and positive vibes.
  10. by   PennyLane
    Had a close family member go through this. He's 5 years clean now. Unfortunately I think it was in jail that he got off it (not too sure about the details here-we weren't living in the same state at the time). His life-saver has been Narcotics Anonymous.
  11. by   rnnurse2b
    Thank you so much for all the replies! Mel D, if you ever get specifics on your personal situation i would love to hear glad that your situation was a sucess unlike CCL Babe where the person killed himself....thanks again and all responses are appreciated!
  12. by   rnnurse2b
    Any more suggestions??? Thanks!
  13. by   tris
    Such a hard thing to deal with---I have had personal experience with this problem---first a brother that never did break free and killed himself at age 44---now I have a 28 year old son coming right along the same path---all I know is it is the hardest thing to witness---they both had and have done the rehab and did ok for awhile---but always ended up back in the same spot---I for one did everything in my power to try and help them both---for my brother it is too late---I just hope my son can get over it before he ends up the same way. Sorry didn't mean to make this personal---I have no ides why some make it and some don't---would LOVE to know.