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  1. Thought it might be nice to share some nice-----kind things that happen at work. My husband bought me a beautiful diamond braclet for Christmas. I have been robbed in the past and was determined to keep by braclet on at all times. Needed to know the boogie man was not going to take it. Well I guess diamond braclets do not belong in the OR. I relized my braclet was gone while circulating a case. I had been to the fifth floor of the hospital, done a local IV sedation case ect. ect. Had no idea where to start looking. To make too long of story already, shorter, the transport aid noticed the case cart on the last case was caught in the dumb waiter. He went through the linens,then the trash, OR BLOODY TRASH!!!!!! He found my braclet wrapped in my glove, in the prep kit in the trash. The wonderful fellow went way above and beyond to help out this coworker.
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  3. by   sjoe
    "The wonderful fellow went way above and beyond to help out this coworker."

    1) No doubt he equally appreciated the $500 reward you gave him for his efforts.

    2) A good reminder not to take anything valuable to work. Glad yours was found--this time.

    3) No doubt some readers will want to know whether your husband has an available brother....
  4. by   renerian
    That was nice.

  5. by   cwazycwissyRN
    The reward was in the form of a new fishing rod and reel. He is an avid fisherman. He blushed, said thanks, and gave me a hug. He's truly just a nice person all the time. Yea, I'm very lucky, not only to get the braclet back, but more importantly---- to have people in my life like this coworker-------but more so=======my husband is wooooonderful, took me alot of years to find him, decided that marriage is not hard work------the work is to find the right one to marry.....................
    Your very lucky and I do so agree with you and will tell you about my story and how fortunate I was in Nebraska.
    On a fresh assignment as a travel nurse in Nebraksa, I kept my engagement ring and wedding band on a huge (football) safteypin which also kept my locker key on so I wouldnt forget my key. Well One friday around the 3rd week I was at work I left and went home and did my usual things . Monday morning getting ready I couldnt find my rings... couldnt find my keys couldnt find anything I was panic stricken... My engagement ring is 7 carat diamond and carat saphire ring. Yes you read it right. My heart started palpating..... I cried instantly. How careless I was... I got in my car and drove so fast to work I almost got a ticket. Ran into the locker room nothing, nothing at my locker at all not even a note. Ran to the desk to see if anyone had turned in my rings. Not a word. Well then I got physically sick. I threw up. I was just about to call my husband overseas and confess that I had lost the rings and how careless I was and just wait to hear what he would say to me. In walks in one of the PACU Nurses... she mentioned to me as I was dialing the phone, Hey thats a pretty ring you got. I looked at her and said yes it was I lost it. She smiled and said Yeah you left it hanging from your locker. I hung up the phone and about jerked her sideways asking her where it was I had tears running (streaming ) down my face. The Nurse Manager had it since Friday and had it with her she was wearing it. Got compliments on it all weekend. I went sobbing into the PACU to retrieve my rings... there they were , she could tell that I had already had a rough morning. Because I was so new to the OR she didnt have my home phone number.. and she knew I would be in on Monday, she held them for me. I could have licked her shoes for a month. It took a solid hour for me to calm down and get my shyte together. I offered a reward to her, she declined she just wants the ring if I die lol. I told her it would go to her if I didnt have a child. She had no idea she had such an exspensive ring on. She thought it was fake. Now the ring doesnt go on assignment with me, it sits in a safe deposit box in singapore, where I know where it is. I did tell my husband about it though, his words and you didnt notice it all weekend? I told him no, I didnt go out.
    This was the first and last time I have worn something expensive to the OR. Im so thankful that the people I work with were honest.
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  7. by   cwazycwissyRN
    7 carat ==-=-'
    \p'iktha'''''''''that's a rock, lessons of life, aren't they a treat.
    I call it a gobstopper. It goes from the base of my finger to my knuckle. its 3 rows of diamonds and saphires. It was the first ring I have ever owned of that size. Its heavy and beautiful but can cause damage if you scratch your face at night. Thats total weight as well.
    For christmas he got me another gobstopper, bust slightly smaller. 3.5 carat diamond ring that has diamonds that go all round the band like a enternity ring. It came with a diamond .5 carat pendant. I love a man who marks his territory with diamonds lol
    Yeah I think I might have to staple this one on my hand so I dont loose it. First thing I did after I got it was to have it insured just incase I loose it.
  9. by   nursecheryl
    Of all the things that stand out in my mind. It was over 20 years ago and I was brought up in a prejudiced home, neighborhood and was also somewhat prejudiced at the time. It was the dead of winter and my car got stuck in the snow on a railroad crossing. I had my baby with me, it was freezing outside. I was backing up and forward and just couldn't get out of the mess. Multiple young white guys went around me in their cars ignoring the mess i was in. Than a young black guy in a car came up next to me in his car. I could see he had a small child with him slightly older than my own son. He parked his car where his child was safe and than came back to help me and my son. I will never forget him and at the time and still consider him a hero. I was scared and cold. I am no longer predjudiced and this is probably the biggest part of it.
  10. by   cwazycwissyRN
    Our lessons of acts of kindness, can be very humbling, at times. No dout very good for us in ways the giver of the act, sometimes never knows. I love those life changing experiences.
  11. by   Scavenger'sWife
    What a wonderful thread to start!!! Thank you!!!

    (And BTW: SEVEN CARATS???? Holy cannoli!!! )

    The most thoughtful thing that came immediately to my mind that involved a stranger was:

    In 1977 (yeah I am an OLD fart...) I was driving my car home from work at 3 PM. It was January and we had been released from work early because of a blizzard warning. We already had tons of snow on the ground and it was snowing like crazy.

    I was traveling down a small state route in my little Camaro (terrible car for that kind of weather) when the snow just became an absolute white-out. I mean, It looked like a white sheet had been thrown over my windshield. I stopped the car. I was TERRIFIED. I knew I was fairly close to my home, but I COUNLD NOT SEE ANYTHING and was afraid of driving off into the ditch.

    After about fifteen terrifying minutes, I noticed white headlights behind me. I knew it was a truck b/c of the height of the lights. Now I know the experts tell you to STAY IN YOUR CAR, but I felt so afraid, that I decided to get out of my car and go to the truck. I didn't care if it was Jack the Ripper in there.....I just wanted to die with company!!! lol

    I was dressed very well for the weather in a parka, boots, etc. so I made the small trek to the truck fine, and a very nice man a little older than me was there. He was surprised to find a woman in that car out in that weather. We discovered he lived on the same road I did, just farther down, and he said he thought he could get us there by looking at the telephone poles at the side of the road and driving more or less parallel to them. I was to follow him and sound my horn if I lost sight of his taillights.

    We drove about 4 more miles, found our turn off, and he got me safely home this way. (On the way, he stopped and helped pull a Volkswagon Bug out of the ditch, and that car followed behind me then.) I got safely home. The drive from work that usually took 30 minutes had taken me over two hours. The man refused a reward or even to come in for coffee. He just made sure I got into my house and went on his way.

    I will NEVER forget that wonderful man who felt to me like an ANGEL that day. I don't think I have ever been so scared for myself in all my life. :angel2:

    I continue to occasionally remember him in my prayers.
  12. by   jadednurse
    These are really touching stories, but I gotta say, and forgive me, this is just my twisted sense of humor (no offense intended) but "itsjustmezoe": what the heck are you doing busting your hump as a nurse when your husband can afford a 7 carat diamond ring!!!:roll Sorry, just my gut reaction.

    And BTW, as sjoe mentioned, does he have a brother! LOL!
  13. by   Audreyfay
    I think a person who has "enough" and still gives to others by working at a job, even though they don't need it, is an exceptional person. If I won a million dollars, I would still work. By this time it is a part of me that needs to continue to exist!
  14. by   Dave ARNP
    I will try to find you a picture of the ring that is hanging somewhere in either the trash or the drain pipes of our hospital.

    It was my wifes diamond solitaire engagament solitaire ring, oval...

    9 1/2 CTW in a platinium setting.

    That was three years ago, and I've replaced it three fold, but I still haven't stopped hearing about it.

    A suggestion? For those going into OR....
    Untie your scrubs, and thread your rings, keys or watches through the belt ties. Then, tie them back up.

    All our surgeons do this, and it works great!

    David Adams, ARNP
    -ACNP, FNP