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the thread dealing w/online adn to bsn degree really peaks my interest. i do very well in self paced courses; took everyone that was available to get out of classroom time for my nursing pre-reqs! ... Read More

  1. by   wowhi
    Quote from NursePaula
    I have to agree about University of Phoenix being tough!! But I do think that the NLN accredited is the most important thing to look at. I am currently enrolled in UoP and finding it definite work but a great learning experience! I have heard NOTHING negative about UoP. And I am sure there are others out there also.
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    Texas Tech's RN-BSN program now is ONLY online. It cost $10,000 and can be done in "one year of hell or two years". They came and spoke to our nursing class at the local CC.

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    I have family members and friends who have gotten bsn & ms on line from their state university...Oklahoma/Texas...not all was on line but it helped to be able to get a large part of education when you work different and/or have a family to take care of...still requires understandinf and support from fly..but it is do able...don't we live in a absolutely marvelous world...i wish our grandmothers had the chances that we have
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    the thread dealing w/online adn to bsn degree really peaks my interest. i do very well in self paced courses; took everyone that was available to get out of classroom time for my nursing pre-reqs! :chuckle

    the one thing i wonder is how do employers look upon if your degree is an online degree??? i suppose i am troubled they would look at it as less worthy than an "in classroom hours" one????
    this is the wave of the future! for basic nursing education, of course you need the face-to-face lab and clinical time, but after that, distance education is really beginning to catch on! i don't think you'll find it matters as long as the school is accredited-check that out, along with faculty qualifications, etc. probably even some of the managers you're worried about are enrolled in distance courses, because you can get all sorts of online bachelor's and master's. just don't enroll anywhere that offers credit for "life experiences" or any of that garbage!
  5. by   hsieh
    somebody wrote if the school is not nlnac don't waste your money. what does this mean? it won't transfer? employers don't accept it?
  6. by   JEWELZxO6
    Quote from Roland
    Personally, I have found those classes that I've had online to be harder than the inclass room ones! Also, keep in mind that many universities only offer their ASN/ADN to BSN in an online format. Many of these same universities make no distinction on their diplomas or transcripts as to wheter or not the classes were "on-campus" or "online".
    which universities are those??
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    Is there really that much difference between going to class online, being in the back of a classroom that has 200 students? The professor won't remember you either way. At least online you can get your questions answered and probably get more out of the lecture when you can pause it to go to the bathroom. The degrees like Phoenix have come a long way. From my experience, you can bounce into advance practice just as easy with an online BSN as a traditional. I have lots of friends that started online way back with places like University of Alabama and have had no problem. It beats driving round trip 200 miles every weekend for 18 months. I haven't seen anyone get a raise yet with getting a BSN regardless of where they got it.
  8. by   BluegrassRN
    Quote from JEWELZxO6
    which universities are those??
    Fort Hays State University offers an on line RN to BSN program. Their straight BSN program is mostly classroom based with a few on line courses. The degree comes from FHSU, same as all their other degrees, whether you are attending classes in the brick and mortar building or virtually. There is no distinction made on a diploma between "BSN" and "BSN" on line.

    Several other state universities in my area offer similar degrees, none of which differentiate on the diploma or transcript whether your classes or degree program were virtual or classroom based.

    Likewise, I attended an online program for my LPN to RN (clinicals were obviously *not* online). The community college offers both classroom based and online programs. My diploma merely states I have an ASN from their college, my transcripts do not specify that my classes were virtual.