About to start nursing journey!!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my very first post and I have to admit I'm a bit nervous, not because I'm posting to this group, but because for the last 12 years I've worked in the computer industry as a software engineer where I've been sucessfull (by societal standards) and gainfully employed but never really satisfied - and did I mention that I start nursing school in a month?

    I'd like to hear from others that have made the switch to nursing as second career and the obstacles you had to overcome.

    I plan on going to school parttime as I am the sole provider for my family (wife and 2 kids) and know it will be quite a while before I will actually be a nurse (4-5 yrs)

    My goal is to someday work in ICU or ER as that seems the most interesting and exciting to me.

    Now, it's not too late for someone to talk some sense into me as I've yet to pay my tuition .... any takers? What am I getting myself into?

    All kidding aside, once I take the first step, I think this will be a real rewarding move for me.

    Now the hard part is trying to convince my wife that I haven't lost my mind...
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    First off, welcome to the board, Chris. Glad to have you here!

    I came into nursing "later" in life too....after 10 years in the military as a computer analyst and supply manager...totally different field! I went to school on a GI BILL and was lucky; it paid for it all. My son was 3 -5 at the time, very hard age...but w/determination and strong desire, I made it! I do NOT regret it at all. But I was clear on WHY I wanted to be an RN from the start! I did not come into it for the MONEY, "STATUS", the potential to marry a doctor, or any other reason than to "do more"...to me, it was living in a way that MATTERED and made a difference in others' lives. Anyhow, I graduated in 1997 and have been an OB/GYN/Newborn Rn ever since. I got lucky; I found my niche early on and am very happy in it.

    Do I get frustrated? YEP. Do I get TIRED? Yep. IS the money good? Not really, when you compare it to many other career fields w/similar risks, knowledge bases and people skills (is there any such thing?). Anyhow, am I sorry? No!. I love it....It is hard work, can be heartbreaking and frustrating, but I am never bored. And the hugs and thanks I get from the families trusting me to their care is worth a lot!

    I wish you well in your pursuits! Nursing is truly what you make of it. the more you put in in time, energy, commitment and heart, the more you get out of it! Good luck!
  4. by   NurseAngie
    hi and welcome to nursing! you aren't making a mistake if becoming a nurse is what you want to do! you will bring a lot to the profession and are much needed. the only advice i will give is to develop a very thick skin if you do not already have one. sometimes you will have to just let things roll off your back. i'm sure you've had to do that in other things already and nursing is no different. you get in there and give it a shot! (pun intended :d ) again, welcome and i hope to see you on the boards!

  5. by   Mkue

    I too am a 2nd career nursing student. Although I had been in the medical field for quite a few years, not as a nurse.

    If it's really what you want to do like myself, motivation I think is the key.

    There are a lot of hoops and hurdles to jump through but keep your eye on your "goal" and enjoy the journey.

    Good Luck !

    Oh and yes it does help to have a thick skin and strong backbone.. !

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  7. by   sharann
    DON'T DO IT!!
    DO NOT PASS GO :chuckle :chuckle
    Just joshing with you Chris.
    Sure nursing can be hard, but heck, so is life. I am thrilled to see another who knows where they "belong". You sound like a nurse to me already!
    Hang around here, and talk to the students in the SN forum fo advice as well.
  8. by   DebsZoo
    Welcome, Chris
    Not one to try and talk anyone out of anything here (lol, except, of course kids that want to eat mothballs or something similar)
    I too, am starting a new career. I've been in childcare, then a full-time mom, part-time mail carrier, and now, in Sept. a full-time student.
    The advisor I spoke to said "Older students are generally more focused and tend to do better than younger students". I SO hope this is true..................I, for one, worry that my age might be a stumbling block.
    But, being of partial German heritage...............sure not gonna let that stop me

    Best of luck in your classes!!
  9. by   hobbes

    I totally agree with your advisor. I guess I would be considered an older student (34) and compared to my first go 'round I definitely feel more focused. First time through there were parties and the whole college experience and the awe of being away from home for the first time. Not so now. I'll all business. I think being 'older' students gives us a big heads up - your age will be your asset. Good luck. Be sure to keep in touch as we'll both be going through it at the same time.
  10. by   live4today
    Glad to have you aboard with us! Go for the gold.......and spend it the way you dreamed about spending it! And.....I'm not just talking about $$$ either, but the expensive energy and emotional time that it takes to be a nurse. If you've got a heart of gold, compassion, a love for people and desire to help the sick and dying, as well as the "well patients" who simply come in for a minor surgical procedure but aren't really sick-sick, then nursing is for you.

    You mention your wife not being too happy about you entering nursing. Iron out that problem before school starts or it will continue to crop up as you go through school. What have you already done to relieve any fears she has? Have you taken her to the school where you will be attending, and let her sit in on your sessions with the academic and healthcareer counselors? Do whatever it takes to maintain excellent communication with your spouse because if you lose the wife and family of your youth over anything other than death, you'll forever wonder "What the heck happened?" and "What could I have done to prevent it from going sour?" Take care of home and family above all else, gain their support because you will need it, and take time for them along the way to let them know what you are doing is for "the family unit". Pray together every day, give lots of hugs and kisses, warm embraces, family smiles, and laughter. If you can maintain your homelife in this way, the rest will fall into place in due time. :kiss

    Oh.....and we here at Allnurses are here for you when you need us. Welcome to the Allnurses Family! Soon you'll have an incurable disease, Chris.........It's called "The Allnurses Addiction" Disease.

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  11. by   studentdeb
    I too am a 2nd career person. I am to begin my first nursing courses next month after working for the federal government for 13 years working as a secretary and a accounting assistant and now a disbursing technician. I am not going to quit just yet, I will try to work a few days a week and see what happens.

    My husband doesn't know what to think, he seems to be supportive, but we do have two small children so I hope he can pick up the slack.

    I have had several people tell me I'm crazy also giving up my good "government job" which of course I have not done yet. I am looking for a something more challenging, rewarding, flexible, opportunities etc. Nursing seems to offer all of these and more. Now if I can just get through nursing school and all the studying I will be doing.

    As cheerfuldoer says, you too will have the "allnurses addiction", I seem to have it also.

    Good luck to you, I'm sure you will do fine.

  12. by   hobbes

    Unfortunately I've already come down with the disease. I normally would be out by 10:30 so I could get up and workout at 6, but here I am replying to your post...My wife is starting to come around. I reminded her that I was behind her through her various career changes and endeavors and it was now time for some reciprocity. I think her big concern is that I'm going to up and quit my job tomorrow, put the house on the market, and go full bore into this nursing thing without coming up for breath until I have graduated. (She probably has good reason because I rarely go into anything half-hearted). However, I assured her that, although I won't have as much time for the family I still will be there. And I don't plan on quitting my job anytime soon - I do have to pay for school. So I think I've won her over into my corner for now... We'll see how things go in about 7-8 years when I'll want to go fulltime for a CRNA.
  13. by   live4today
    originally posted by hobbes

    unfortunately i've already come down with the disease. i normally would be out by 10:30 so i could get up and workout at 6, but here i am replying to your post...my wife is starting to come around. i reminded her that i was behind her through her various career changes and endeavors and it was now time for some reciprocity. i think her big concern is that i'm going to up and quit my job tomorrow, put the house on the market, and go full bore into this nursing thing without coming up for breath until i have graduated. (she probably has good reason because i rarely go into anything half-hearted). however, i assured her that, although i won't have as much time for the family i still will be there. and i don't plan on quitting my job anytime soon - i do have to pay for school. so i think i've won her over into my corner for now... we'll see how things go in about 7-8 years when i'll want to go fulltime for a crna.

    i'll touch on what happened to me in my first marriage when i told my spouse what you told your spouse: after helping him through his college degrees and maintaining the homefront, typing book reports for him because he couldn't type, and researching reports for him, he couldn't return the favor when i went to college. he didn't get it....so divorce happened....he left for some woman he worked with....college educated no less.......but i wasn't allowed to be? sometimes......no matter how sweet and kind and helpful you are to a spouse, they just don't get it. i will hope and pray for your childrens sake, that your wife gets it. :kiss
  14. by   hobbes

    As cheerfuldoer stated in her reply to my original post, it will be important to get your spouse in your corner. Especially in your case since he will have to take up some of the slack and he may become resentful if he doesn't see the same big picture that you do. I've also been a bit careful who I've told of my goals and aspirations as not everybody is very supportive. In my case, being a man, the sole provider, currently pushing the door to six figures in income and wanting to pursue a nursing career for a fraction of what I make now would cause a lot of people to think I'm stark raving mad. However, I think there comes a time is many peoples lives when they start to really question what it's all about. I get satisfaction out of helping people, period. When is all said and done its about the people you've touched along the way and the friends and family you have. Good luck to you.