A Vagal Maneuver that REALLY WORKS!

  1. hi all,

    Just wanted to share this, I learned this vagal maneuver about a month or so ago and so far it has worked wonders!! The downside is it requires that the patient on a bed/Stretcher, although I suppose it may work if they are sitting.

    Have the patient take a deep breath in and hold it while trying to lift both legs up off stretcher at the same time. I know this sounds silly, but trust me when I say it works to vagal them!

    I had a patient just the other day in an SVT in the ED and I had her do this, she converted to a sinus rhythm almost instantly. This patient had tried vasalva at home multiple times without success.

    I am posting this becuase none of the other nurses in the ER had even heard of this vagal maneuver, so I wanted to share it for others who may not have heard about it.

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  3. by   Uptoherern
    another similar to that is to have them take a deep breath, hold it, then try to squeeze two fingers of each of my hands as hard as they can. works well!
  4. by   zenman
    Quote from Sweetooth EMT-P, RN
    hi all,

    Have the patient take a deep breath in and hold it while trying to lift both legs up off stretcher at the same time. I know this sounds silly, but trust me when I say it works to vagal them!

    Yes, but they usually fart:spin:
  5. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Hey, relief is relief!
  6. by   loricatus
    I have had patient's bear down while holding their breath in a sitting position or on the commode-what you mention sounds similar. A doc told me that's what did Elvis in-----too many pain pills leading to chronic constipation & just pushing too hard dropped his heart rate down. Don't know if it's true or not; but, he was found dead on the bathroom floor; and, the doc's story seems credibile. Love telling the patients that one when I want them to avoid vagaling (? is it even a word) down. Use the holding breath, bearing down myself sometimes when my heart is telling me I had one too many cups of coffee-It usually works on the first try.
  7. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Quote from zenman
    Yes, but they usually fart:spin:

    havent had that happen yet, better than having them poop trying vasalva which never seems to work anyway.

  8. by   bigsyis
    Thanks for the suggestion. It makes good sense. I once had a 30-something male on tele who went into rapid SVT. I ran down the hall to his room, and there he was, hanging off the far side of the bed. I thought he was a goner! When I got around the bed, he was leaned over, throwing up in the trashcan.I got him back onto the bed, and listened to his heart, which was in a nice, regular rhythm, with a decent rate. I was convinced that he was having an MI, but his skin was pink/tan, W/D, he had no pain, no SOB, no nausea. After I determined all of that, I asked had he been having abdominal pain. Nope. "Whenever my heart gets to going fast, I just stick my finger down my throat and throw up. It always stops it." This baby nurse learned a lot that day!
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  10. by   DutchgirlRN
    As a person who has gone into SVT several times for no apparent reason... I Thank You Very Much!
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  12. by   mohammad_tousif

    hi .. try to put your face in cold water it also works and belive me if your all results are normal and still u r haveing svt
    problem try to fart as much as u can and remove gasses inside your body your will be 100 % ok ...

    and stop eating & drinking ice creams and cold water or cold drinks...dry to eat any fruit in room temperature...milk hot or room temp ,,,and plz water in room temperature...and try to sleep in room temperature...it will change the life of
    many peoples specialy svt patients....

    thanks best regards

    mohammad tousif