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A Published Writer???? Who....ME???

  1. Have you thought about being a writer but don't know where to start? allnurses is the perfect place to try out your writing skills. Learn how you can take that first step.

    A Published Writer????  Who....ME???

    Do you like to write? Sure, we've all written papers for school, maybe even tried our hand at poetry, but have you ever pictured yourself being a published writer? A published writer???? Who me???

    You may have a journal or a personal blog. But have you ever ventured out and written for others to read?

    If you've ever thought about becoming a freelance writer but don't know where to start.....how about starting right here on allnurses.com? We certainly have a large audience. I'm sure you've seen the articles written by our members on the Home Page. These writers were just like you.....they wanted to write for others....and one day they took that first step. Sure it's a bit scary thinking about sharing your thoughts with an audience of unknowns. But it is exciting too.

    You may wonder.....what can I write about? We all have stories to tell. Stories that others can relate to. Stories that share some of the challenges we've been through, in our nursing experiences as well as our personal journey through life. There are many nursing-related stories in the news everyday. So there really is not a shortage of topics.

    The first article may come slowly, but you will learn and grow as a writer with each article you write. You can see what works and what doesn't work for your audience. Feedback is helpful, even when it isn't always the kind of feedback you want to hear. Even negative feedback can be a teacher. You can learn how to respond to the critics.....instead of giving up. You can be determined to quiet the critics with your next article.

    If you want to know more about how to write great articles, go to the allnurses Nurse Innovator's Hub where some of our seasoned "expert" writers can answer your questions and give you tips. Read through the threads and posts. Feel free to post your own questions. You can also message any of the writers and ask their advice.

    Allnurses welcomes articles from writers of all skill levels, from novice to novelist. We are always having an article contest, with a prize of $150 for 4 lucky winners. That should give you some incentive for testing out the waters.

    In order to submit an article for allnurses, you must be a member. Registering is easy, and membership is free. The following criteria must be followed for article submissions.
    • All articles, as well as anything posted on allnurses, must comply with the Terms of Service, or rules of the site.
    • Articles must be your own and cannot be posted on other sites, including your blog.
    • Articles must be at least 600 words.
    • Advertising or self-promotion is not allowed.
    • All articles will be reviewed and approved by staff.

    For more information about submitting an article, read How to Submit an Article.

    As Community Manager, I am always willing to answer your questions and assist you in any way that I can with articles. Just send me a private message or post your questions here.

    As the largest networking site for nurses and nursing students, allnurses is the perfect place for nurses to begin or enhance their writing careers. With almost one million registered members, over 5 million unique visitors each month, and 1 million Facebook followers, allnurses has a huge online presence. To a writer, exposure is everything. Imagine your article having this type of exposure. And it can. All you have to do, is put your thoughts into an article and push submit. What are you waiting for???

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  3. by   Nurse Beth
    This is all so true. Allnurses gave me an opportunity to write short articles way back when I was first discovering my writing abilities. The best thing is...you're talking to your peers, nurses. What a great community to start.
    Go for it!
  4. by   tnbutterfly
    Thanks, Nurse Beth. You are a perfect example of taking advantage of the exposure allnures has to offer. Nurse Beth is a SUPER STAR.

    FYI...... Nurse Eye Roll started writing articles on allnurses before she became a Super Star.

    So.....you just never know where your writing may lead you.
  5. by   Kyrshamarks
    The 150 bucks is a real thing. I know, because I won it one time.
  6. by   Ntezimana Faustin
    I am appreciating to be welcomed in allnurses.com family,actually I am the bigginer to this web,I think my perspectives of being a good article writer is one step ahead!
    I am glad to here motivations from you all.
  7. by   showbizrn
    Thanks for the invite.
    I will give it "a shot."