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I am a brand new nurse and working at LTC setting and have had problem with a CNA who has a certain relationship with DON. She has showed lack of respect on the day I started working here. For... Read More

  1. by   Agnus
    It was a dysfunctional administration at the time. The CNA is gone and my heart bleeds not.

    Our shifts over lap so the CNAs come on a half hour before we do. This evening the night CNA's had just come on. One answered the phone. It was for me. I was with a patient and asked who it was. It was the administrator on call.

    I answered and he told me when you answer the phone you identify yourself and don't ask who it is. I expalined that I was with a patient. Then he explained that the CNA did not identify herself and asked, "who is this." I relayed this to the CNA and shed copped an attitude. I don't tell anyone who I am. Lets call him at home and see how he answers the phone. She went on and on about how he wasn't her boss couldn't tell her what to do etc. Started arguing with me. I couldn't reason with her and she could not be civil, so I dropped it. Later I approached her and told her, "you shot the messenger." She asked what that meant. I explained and told her that I was only delivering the messaage and I did not deserver to be treated like that.
    She responded sarcastically, "Guess what. Guess what." From her tone I felt that I could tell what was commming. I just said, "yea ,I know. You don't care." She said, " I did not say anything. " THen kept shooting me looks. The CEO came in and I talked to him about this.
    Then I felt I should warn the Charge and other RN on nights that she would probably be moody after the CEO talked to her. I also did not want her to get away with talking trash about me.
    At the end of the converstation she walked in. I don't think she heard anything but I said to her, "I was just giving them a heads up. " She responded with, "well good for you." In a very sarcstic tone.

    This CNA has been designated receiently as "Lead CNA" she is supposed to be a go between for the CNAs. But obsservations have been that she thinks she is in charge and can boss the other CNAs anyway she wants. What a crock. She is in her 50's and acts like a spoiled brat.

    We have some great CNAs and I do not put them in the same catagory with her. She is lazy, arrogant, a bully, rude, cruded.and yes I worked on the same shift with her for a long time, so I do know first hand even though we are on opposit shifts now.
    Up till now I've gotten along with her and she's shown respect for me. Tonight takes the cake and is without any excuse.
    Thanks for letting me vent
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  2. by   mario_ragucci
    Lol, this is the funniest thread in the world! If a CNA disrespected me, or gave me flack, in a sniff, I would become very humble and angelic for my own amusement. You don't understand.
  3. by   jdomep
    I too am a student and would hope that if that situation arises i would have the gall to do exactly what <B>cargirl</B> did - awesome way to cover your butt and get something done (hopefully anyway)
    Good luck
  4. by   Brownms46
    I recently had a run in, with a CNA who was on light duty, and was bought into the clinc to room pts. But this CNA felt since she was the most senior hospital employee, except for a CMA, she would run things. She would decide who got what rooms for the day, give out assignments to the nurses, decide who was made a NS (no show), obtain MD orders, tell me and others what they should and shouldn't do..so on and so on. She would make sarcastic remarks in front of pts, and tell me what I was or wasn't going to do!

    I told her in the beginning, when she first got there, I would room my own pts. She ignored my request to do so. Finally I had had it, and went to the RN on duty that day. The RN not used to working with LPNs went to the NM, who came back to me, and thought I should be glad to have someone room my pts.

    Since I was new to the clinic, I wanted to room the pts. myself, so I would be aware of what they were there for, and to get to know them. Also many times the MD/resident would come outt of the room to ask for a repeat B/P or orthos, or a UA..etc. Also many times I had no idea what pts. where actually there and or what rooms they were in. Then the MD comes out, asking why this or that wasn't done, and I have no answer, as I had no idea what who was where, and why.

    How I handled this matter, after going to administration again about her attitude. One day it got really busy, and she ended up running her butt off, as this is what she and admin said they wanted was for her to room pts, and for the nurses to take care of skilled duties. So I sat on my behind and watched her work her butt off.

    Then one day, she didn't want to go in on a pap, but since there is no skilled duties to perform, and a pt. was in need of being transferred from the w/c to the toiilet, I instructed her to assist with the pap. She wanted to balk, but it was the only solution as she wasn't supposed to lift.

    Also I believe this CNA, who was only supposed to be in the clinic for two weeks, was trying to get her job changed from the floors. As soon as her two weeks of light duty was just about up, she was out again with her back. So they bought her back to the clinic again on light duty. But for the last few days she has been out again. I think she has given up the idea of the clinic being as easy alternative to working on the floors...

    To the original poster, it would depend on how much you wanted this position, and whether or not you wish to keep the job you now have, as to how you handle this. But I would write that CNA up, and continue writing her up, each and everytime she over steps her bounds. I didn't leave the position I'm at now, because I'm making waaaaay too much money to let anyone run me anywhere!
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  5. by   Flo1216
    What do you mean by rooming patients? And since when do nurse's aids give RNS their assignments, tell them what to do and take doctors orders? You will have to explain this to me..I don't understand!
  6. by   mattsmom81
    Flo, some facilities are so dysfunctional they give power to the wrong people...and often it is the cheaper help when the facility is all about $$$.

    You are correct that the RN's/LPN"s delegate to CNA's. That is indeed the way things SHOULD be.

    Hang in there Brownie...didn't know you were in a clinic setting...glad you're making good $$$ to be there..maybe you can turn it around for the better!
  7. by   Flo1216
    I just don't understand how minimally trained personnel is allowed to run the show. I called my doctor for a month regarding some new medication and some undesirable side effectswhich warranted a medication change and the m/a tried to give me medical advice over the phone. She also never gave the doctor the messages. Needless to say she no longer works there. That would never fly , where I work. I am sure people try it but they never get away with it. Luckily, most of the CNAS I work with are hardworkers who truly care about their pts. There are always a few bad ones.
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  8. by   sunnygirl272
    Originally posted by Flo1216
    What do you mean by rooming patients? And since when do nurse's aids give RNS their assignments, tell them what to do and take doctors orders? You will have to explain this to me..I don't understand!
    Flo, i thinkBrownie was talking about a hospital-based clinic setting...it is still totally whacked...but maybe that almost helps understand the scenario...lol...
  9. by   ktwlpn
    Yonsei-what's new? Have you taken any action yet? I know it is difficult especially if you are a non-confrontational people pleaser or sightly passive aggressive but you have to take control of the staff and gain respect on the unit or patient care will begin to suffer as the few trouble makers learn that they can "play" you....Mario-explain to us what exactly it is that we "don't understand" Many of us have worked as nursing assistants so we understand that...You will find that middle management in a long term care facility is no walk in the park-our jobs are tough enough just dealing with the pts and their families and other departments and administrators and all of the routine stuff we must accomplish each shift but add in mutiny among the aides and you have the recipe for disaster....While you are becoming "angelic for your own amusement" -whatever the heck that means-the staff may be ignoring resident's needs to get YOU in hot water with the resident or the family or the administration-It does happen......So what don't we understand?
  10. by   AngiRN
    Unfortunately for you, this CNA knows you are a new nurse and then add in that you are new staff and she is totally taking advantage of this....Believe me, you will chuck this as a learning experience and most of us nurses have gone through it, when you have to prove yourself to others. I first started in ICU as a new nurse and I had a few CNA's and Nurses do the same thing, you just have to show them you have some balls and some of them will back down...If your DON is buddies with this CNA you are basically SCREWED and she will not back you up....So your options are to quit and know at your next job to put out a vibe that u are not intimidated and are very secure with your nursing knowledge or stay at this job and show them some balls and maybe they might chill out! Just remember that for some of these CNAs they do not like nurses, they feel like they work harder and are just as knowledgable because they have worked the same job for yrs and yrs and HAVE NO LIFE
  11. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by Flo1216
    What do you mean by rooming patients? And since when do nurse's aids give RNS their assignments, tell them what to do and take doctors orders? You will have to explain this to me..I don't understand!

    Flo what I meant by "rooming pts" is that the CNA was supposed to be there to call in the pts, and take their V/S nothing more. But this one took it upon herself to overstep her bounds. I reported it, but got virtually no where. The thinking of the NM was that this would free the nurses up to take care of any MD orders given to the nurses, such as giving injections, setting up referrals, or procedures, and assistisng with procedures.

    The clinic I'm at is a hospital based clinic, in a seperate building, but still on the hospital grounds. I work in resident/faulty clinic setting. We have about 14 residents, two medical students, and 6 faulty memebers, and we're supposed to separated into teams. Each team is supposed to have an RN/LPN or CMA, with the CNA helping out with the teams that don't have enough licensed staff on them.

    Now the clinical director would like to have us work along side each other with no one being over anyone. But I let her know this isn't how it is supposed to work, and someone has to be in charge or nothing get done right. But this is how they had run things until they got rid of the CMAs who had been there for years. I think this CNAs attitude comes from the fact, that this is how things were run there.

    I think the RNs allowed things to be run like this, because most of them are PT, and only maybe one of them has any expereince working with CNAs as most have no hsopital experience. Now there are no FT RN's there, as the last one just left on Friday. There is one new one, with hardly any expereince at all, and only works three days a week, one who is working two days a week, and one is now working three days a week, but will be cutting down to two days. So the clinic is desperate for help, and the clinical director told me they were lucky to get whomever they could.

    I was offered a position in this clinic, but turned it down d/t they weren't able to meet my salary requirements. What they were offering was at least $9/hr less than I'making, not even including my paid housing, so I turned it down. I also turned it down because I didn't care to be in a setting working for less money, that was so unstructured. All I asked, was that she not room my pts, unless I'm behind or busy. That is where I feel she could be useful, but not taking over!

    Unfortuately I was alone in being distrubed by what this CNA was doing. Now picture this. CNA rooming pts, answering the phones, and YES telling nurses, including RNs what they should do concerning a problem or a pt. And the nurses just sitting there letting her. But not me, so she and I ran head long into each other! The end result was, I was told they were looking at me to see how well I got alone with others, so I told the Clinical Director if this is what she wanted, then I would let it go. And I did! But I also let go of the idea of taking the job perm.

    So they have offered me to stay on as a traveler, on a month to month basis, and that is just fine with me!

    But I also let this CNA work her butt off, and she soon learned how to holler uncle...Heeheee! She started asking me what I wanted her to do with my pts, instead of trying to tell me what to do. More than one way to deal with a pain in the you know what!

    Thanks Mattsmon for the encouragement, but ...like I said...getting paid waaaaay too much to worry about this CNA. Plus she has called in for the last couple of days. I wouldn't be surpirsed if she tries to go for disablity.
  12. by   RN2B2005
    OK, I didn't understand that the original poster had the pudding/med cup in her hand when the CNA took it and gave it to the patient. My understanding was that the patient still had the pudding/med cup and simply hadn't finished it.

    I still don't understand why the original poster wouldn't want the patient to finish her full dose of meds, but that's another thread.
  13. by   rebel_red
    Ya'll I know I have mentioned my interactions with the CNA's you have described. Please as liscenced folks, draw the line with these people! It is so frustrating to have another CNA write the schedule, tell you your job, etc. When I discuss this with my supervisors nothing occurs......

    They all say go to the DON. Why? I ask. (Okay I know why, they don't want to rock the boat, question the status quo etc.) For the good CNA's out there, these ones have a debilitating effect.

    And I haven't gone to the DON primarily because I am a new hire, still in school for CNA. (Yeah that is sooooo wimpy, I know.) So I work around her.

    Sigh, but I do love my residents. They make up for all the political in house nonsense.

    Take Care