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I need some advice on what to do. I just started a summer A&P class and just wrapped up the 2nd week. I am wondering if I should drop it and here's why. The teacher is very condesending and... Read More

  1. by   Multicollinearity
    I have seen this method used before. I suspect that she is using an old-school method of trying to get rid of whiners and those who won't take responsibility for their own learning.

    Students these days can be very hostile to criticism and very aggressive when encountering a course like A&P for the first time. They can be shocked at the work-load. She could be trying to head that off. I have seen a couple of professors use these over-board intimidation tactics in hopes of separating the wheat from the chaf. I'm not saying I approve of these sorts of methods - but there it is.

    I'd stay and conquer the course. This could also be an old-school prof tactic of challenging good students to 'prove her wrong'.

    Whatever is going on, I'd stay and earn that A.
  2. by   srkastc

    Not at all! I do want to be prepared for the rigors of nursing, but without the all the drama this teacher brings! We've only had 3 sessions and the class already has nicknamed her, "the nazi."

    My Bio/Chem teacher was tough-yet compassionate. I have heard so much bragging about how instructors at this school want to help you succeed. I know I can't let one bad experience ruin it. I'm typically not a complainer, but this is ridiculous!

    As for tape recording - we are prohibited from it.

    Thanks for the pearls of wisdom. I suppose I better start training to jump through hoops for the next 10 weeks!
  3. by   MadisonsMomRN
    You know, I had an advanced med/surg professor like this. Everyone was scared of her. But, I just stuck it out, studied my butt off and it wasnt bad at all. In fact, I learned SO much from her. I just made sure I was prepared for class before hand.

    To this day, she is my favorite... sounds crazy probably but she did what she was suppose to do. She made us work hard. I am thankful that she was the way she was.

    You should go with you gut... A&P is a tough class.
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  4. by   happybunny1970
    Hang in there! It will be worth it in the end...

    I had a skate teacher for A&P I and earned an easy 'A.' Then came A&P II -- people had warned me if I got a certain instructor to RUN because she was so heinous. Well, I got her (had to, due to scheduling conflicts) and it ended up being both the hardest and best class I ever took. I still got an 'A' -- BARELY -- but by God I earned it. And when I left A&P I (and many other classes), I quickly lost much of the information that I had learned. With A&P II, though, I STILL remember it all (after 7 years).

    We had to learn all those bones and muscles, arteries and veins, foramen, insertion and origin points... I used to make flash cards out of them and God help me -- made a drinking game out of it! It was a lot of fun and I retained it all.

    Yes, a teacher should 'teach' -- but this information isn't intended to be easy, or everyone would be in the field, and some folks just aren't cut out for it! So prove her wrong -- that's what she really wants, anyway -- someone to prove her wrong and walk out with an 'A.' What I used to do was review the syllabus, read the material once BEFORE the accompanying lecture, listen carefully with highlighter in hand and mark the text as we went along, and take minimal notes. Then I'd go home and read it AGAIN. And when I read it, I read it out loud -- so I was getting both visual and auditory stimuli. Getting the information three times this way, I really didn't have to do much studying at test time.
  5. by   purplemania
    I would contact the Dean about her attitude. If she has to stay and you are willing to stick it out in order to graduate sooner then just concentrate on what you need to do to pass. You do not need to like her to pass. I had a HORRIBLE algebra instructor so got a tutor. Class time to me was to get assignments and be counted as present. I learned away from the classroom.
  6. by   purple1953reading
    I would stick it out. Nursing school is alot of self teaching. Material is presented fast and furiously,I took the most detailed notes, possible, made friends with three other top students, we compared, and shared with each other. IN addition, I went over my notes, separating them to what I knew and did not, and studied only that I did not. Made up rhymes, words, whateever it took to learn. Earned a A in the course, We had tests out of this world, with animal organs, human organs with tiny pins stuck in them to ID the part, vessel, tendon, insertion point, etc. Had so many minutes to go through the lab and write down answers. I rarely cracked a book in the whole time, as I used my notes to get me through. I asked questions that explained what I did not think I understood. Many used NCLEX questions to study. I did not. I traveled an hour to school each day,with a friend, and whoever was not driving was quizzed by the rider. By eliminating a little material each night as you go over it, you have very little left to concentrate on right before exams. I did look over everything prior to test and concentrated on what I did not know as well immediately prior to test. As soon as I got the paper, if there was something I thought I might forget, I wrote it down on the back of the paper to refer to, as I needed it. Don't just memorize, understand what leads to the next, visualize, and it will come much easier. I read questions, form the answer in my mind, then look at the answers, and choose the right one, never second guessing myself. GOOD LUCK HANG IN THERE
  7. by   JakeyWakey
    If there is an A&P class at another college with a later start date this summer you could always drop this class take the course at another college with a better instructor. Go to www.ratemyprofessors.com and do some research on professors.

    I would stick with it if I were you, not only to prove the professor wrong, but prove to yourself that you can excel in a difficult situation. You can do it, and you will be much stronger in the long run!
  8. by   HeartsOpenWide
    you can always run on the fuel of proving her wrong