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what would you say are the 5 worse things a patient can do while admitted in a hospital? 5 bad things that would make his/her stay worse than it needs to be and makes more work for the staff or makes... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    I agree Ruby Vee, I don't think this thread is to be taken too overly seriously where the posters are to be considered lacking in compassion.
  2. by   nfahren05
    Quote from TrudyRN
    I don't know if you've ever had surgery but, even if it's not been done under general anesthesia, one usually feels weak and woozy post-op. Also, fear plays a big part in the life of a post-op patient. And don't forget pain.

    I'm kind of stunned by the lack of compassion and understanding of human nature and of the hospitalized patient's experience I'm reading in so many of these posts. I think we need to try to put ourselves in the patient's place so we understand how hard it is being a patient. Yes, some people are totally gross or rude or stupid. But many are also just scared and uninformed. We are there to take care of them and teach them, not get angry at their ignorance or crudity. Yes, I'm human and do sometimes feel annoyed or disgusted by some of the things I hear or see at work but I also try to remember that I am the nurse, they are the patients, I'm there for them, not vice versa. WWJD?

    Most of us put ourselves in the patient's place each and every day in the clinical setting, but part of what allows us to continue to do that day after day, year after year is having our own setting: somewhere that we can vent. Few of us have not been patients at one time or another; we understand the frustrations that our patients experience when they are sick and scared, but it's okay for us to feel frustrated ourselves when some of them abuse the "sick role" to get others to do things to an unreasonable degree (or, worse yet, verbally or physically abuse the nurse.) Having this forum to express that frustration is important, and does not mean that a nurse or CNA is uncaring.