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what would you say are the 5 worse things a patient can do while admitted in a hospital? 5 bad things that would make his/her stay worse than it needs to be and makes more work for the staff or makes... Read More

  1. by   SCRN1
    How about a patient who is perfectly capable of moving themself deciding to just lay there dead weight while we strain our backs to move them from a stretcher to the bed? Or to try to do anything to them?

    I've had some who've been gotten up for the first few times depend on us to hold them up while they ambulate to the bathroom, to a chair, down the hall, etc. when all they had done was something like shoulder surgery. No clue what happened to their legs during that surgery, LOL.
  2. by   tinnekke
    Quote from cursenurse
    1. constantly on the call light for no good reason-one man told me he was lonely when i answered his light
    2. get tired of using the call light and just yells "nurse, nurse!" q 5 min.
    3. spitting(i always get these)
    You just described the day-to-day behaviors of one of our Residents. (I work LTC.) The woman is NOT demented. She is a little hard of hearing, but that's it. She will hit the call light say she needs a nurse NOW, and when I get there she wants her slippers or she wants her blinds closed. One time she called the midnight shift saying she needed to get to the bathroom. When the CNA got there, she asked the young woman what time it was. When told it was just barely midnight she told the CNA (and I am not kidding) "Go away, I don't need you." When she's out in the common areas, she will just yell "nurse, nurse" whenever she wants something, and if you try to find out what might be up with her, she loses all patience with you and tells you to go away. One time she knocked a PRN med that she requested out of the hands of one of the staff because she decided after she asked for it that she didn't want it. I tell you, my days would be much more relaxed if I didn't have that woman as a daily thorn in the collective sides of all the staff. :angryfire She really drives me crazy. Each day I go in telling myself today will be different, and inevitably, no matter how calm I keep myself, at some point that woman has me needing to go outside and get some air before I yell or cry. She rode me so bad one day, even the CNAs felt sorry for me. I was so close to tears, she even noticed and let up on me, and actually asked me why I was so upset. I finally got to tell her that I just get incredibly frustrated because she will complain about not feeling well and not let me do anything to help her, but get more and more unpleasant because she isn't feeling well. Oh well...
  3. by   Cletus
    1. Rude pts or family members
    2. pt's who insist on going to smoke while on narcotics
    3. throwing of any body fluid
    4. women who deliver drug + babies
    5. pt's who refuse all treatment (why are you here wasting our time?)
    not in any particulair order
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    1) Allow themselves to be spoon-fed by their mothers
    2) Expect the nurse to jump right on their request for an extra soda pop/blanket/pillow/chair for visitors/pain pill/fill in the blank when she's got one patient going to surgery and another one coding down the hall
    3) Expect the 3-11 nurse, who hasn't even got report yet, to immediately fix everything the 7-3 nurse didn't get to all day
    4) Throw a fit when they can't get a hot meal at 2200 from the kitchen that closed at 1900
    5) Give you a bad eval on the Press-Ganey because you wouldn't take them outside to smoke 5 minutes before they were due to go to surgery
  5. by   Purple Princess
    I'm a CNA and just started a new job at a nursing home.The other aides have worned me that the residents know I'm new and will do everything to get me to cater to them and tell me how to do my work, oh they usually do it this way... lots of pillow fluffing, snack runs, and tonight when we were still doing care a woman wanted a knife to cut the skin off her apple, omg like that's a life or death need! The kitchen was closed and I wasn't searching the unit for a knife to cut her stupid apple. And others want all their things put in a special spot just perfect. And there's only me and two try to bug me at the same time. I just had to tell one woman to wait til I was done cause I couldn't do them both at the same time. Last week it took me an hour to get someone showered cause she's one of those prissy types that wants things done a certain way and tends to become conveniently helpless. So I feel your pain. Oh yeah, last night someone needed to go potty and needed 2 assist and the two aides that could have helped me were eating while the rest of us were working. We wait til after dinner is done before any of us go to lunch. How annoying.
  6. by   DG5
    Family members who provide whistles for the resident so they can blow the whistle every five minutes instead. :hatparty:
  7. by   wannabemw
    My #1 this week: Dementia pts w/o any daily or prn meds for anxiety (or they don't work) & insist on calling out/shouting "nurse, nurse" and "help me, help me, would SOMEONE please help me?" (and the shift nurse & cna have been into the rm several times). This kind get's old fast & is trying on everyone in the unit, day & night.
  8. by   Diary/Dairy
    My top 5

    1. Pillow fluffers and their cousin, the person who calls for one thing then keeps you for an hour to do other menial tasks.

    2. Overprotective/aggressive family

    3. Removing unwanted items (IVs, tele, clothing, etc, etc)

    4. Expecting things stat....when they are on a floor and I have 5 other patients.

    5. General rudeness....
  9. by   ProfRN4
    You know, I was thinking about starting a whole new thread on this. But when I got my e-mail about a new response on this one, I figured I'd tack it on here.

    I recently had a loved one in the hospital. It was my boyfriend. Now, I'm sure almost everyone here has been in that position at one time or another. And if you haven't, then you just won't get it. Just a few things that I observed (as the ****** family member )

    Patients have no concept of time, or the fact that you have other patients. This will likely never change, even if they are in the healthcare profession. I was taught you are never to tell them how busy, short-staffed, or how many other patients you have. They are sick, injured, tired or in pain. And yes, just like your children, it is 'all about me'. In many cases you are their lifeline. When there is no family member around, and they need something, who do you expect them to call? I was actually pretty impressed by the response time of the callbells. But there were a few times where the person answering would say, "I'll tell your nurse" and the nurse claimed that no one told them. Do I buy that? Sure, I've been that nurse that didn't get the message and had to deal with an irate patient. One night, his nurse did not come in to assess him for at least 2.5 hours (I left at 9:30). I wasn't keeping track, and I figured she was a bit busy with higher acuity patients. But what if he had to og to the bathroom? he had back surgery, and still needed help getting oob. He toold me everything at night took longer. And as a nurse who once worked nights on an orthopedic floor, I know it.

    I know it's not possible to go into work every day and put yourself in yuor patients shoes. But like i tell my students, who try to get out of changing diapers, bedbaths and head to toe assessments: 'what would you want for your family member?'

    Just something to think about
  10. by   OLDCARTS
    Quote from DG5
    Family members who provide whistles for the resident so they can blow the whistle every five minutes instead. :hatparty:
    Are you serious?! I'm a nursing student and can only imagine how annoying that'd be! WoW! What ever happened to the call bells? lol!

    The worst thing, in my opinion, is when patients refuse recommended treatments and therapy. I've had countless patients who refuse PT. I know it can be tedious and all for ailing pts, but they often don't appreciate how much of an improvement that hour out of bed each day can make!
  11. by   MAISY, RN-ER
    Needy patients-bring your family so I can show them where to get your pillows, blankets, towels, ice etc.

    Patients with medical family members-leave them and their diagnosis home. Let our docs figure out your problems. Obviously, family dx has been incorrect or you would not be here.

    Patients(GI) Leave your food at home-also leave family members who insist on eating Mc Donalds at your bedside home.

    Incapacitated home care patients-leave your incompetent weirdo, lousy care giving family members home. I don't want to hear why you have holes I can stick my fist in uncared for, or why your nails are several inches long, why you are sitting in old crusty clothes, or are obviously malnourished. It's not their fault....just ask them, they'll tell you. If allowed, you will also be assessing them.

    DM sufferers who have GI problems please do not tell me you will die without food if for 3 hours you haven't eaten, also don't send your family members to tell me the same thing after I've said you are fine.

    If you have pain and I ask you take medication so that your pain does not increase-if I assure you that will not become addicted during your stay-don't tell me about friends and family who have become addicted after a hospital stay.
    Sorry since I work in ER, the list could be endless. The most obvious listed many times. If you don't want to follow doctor's orders-go home. You must know more than medical professionals.
  12. by   UM Review RN
    1. Chest pain patients who refuse Nitro and insist on Dilaudid because they are allergic to everything else.

    2. The same patient in #1 who refuses smoking cessation medication and who decides that you're taking too long with the medication to help his chest pain, so he goes downstairs to smoke.

    3. The same patient who insists that the chest pain is a 10 but has time to stop and get a burger and fries from the cafeteria on his way back up from the smoke.

    4. And oh yeah, the same patient states he was treated at another hospital last week for the very same thing and THEY gave him the dilauded so why won't we?

    5. Same patient, an hour later, getting revenge by calling admin and pushing the call bell q3 minutes for stupid stuff and innocently claiming that he's just trying to do what we've been telling him to do - stay in bed. Then, in the course of using the urinal, his IV "accidentally" falls out.

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  13. by   Ruby Vee
    only five worst things?

    1) come to the hospital for treatment, and then refuse all treatment ordered by your doctor. if you don't want us to do anything for you, stay home!

    2) "pillow fluffers" are right up there. nothing pisses a nurse off faster than a perfectly capable patient riding the call light for piddly little things that they could easily take care of themselves. putting on the call light to ask me to turn on/off the light (the button right next to the call light that you just pushed), hand them a drink of water (it's right next to the crossword puzzle you've been working on all day), pull their blanket up (who does that for you at home?) or tell their roommate to change the channel on their tv really annoy the nurse who has another patient trying to die down the call or even in the next bed. had a patient yelling "help! nurse! you gotta help me!!" while we were coding the patient in the next bed. he wanted his soup warmed up!

    3) lying. i really don't care if the woman 40 years younger than you is your daughter, your granddaughter, your wife or the woman you hope will become your next mistress. if you want her to visit, she can visit, and if you want her to make your health care decisions then sign the power of attorney for health care making her your poa. but if she's your girlfriend and you tell me she's your wife, i will find out about it when your daughter calls asking to speak to "dad's girlfriend" and i will be pissed. after all, i just let her sign the consent for central line placement on your behalf!

    4) lying. i'm not going to judge you for drinking a case of beer a day -- ok, maybe i will, especially if it's budweiser, but i'll try really hard not to -- but don't lie to me about it. dts are a really bad thing, especially if you have seizures and die. and if you don't like the day shift nurse, i'm really sorry, but lying to me about things she did/didn't do is a poor way to make a good impression on me!

    5) verbal and physical abuse. i'm not even talking about rudeness here -- the public in general is becoming more and more rude, so i'm not thinking that patients will be any less so. but the calling me names, shouting, threatening and the swinging, spitting or kicking at the nursing staff is guaranteed to put you on every nurse's least favorite patient list.

    and last -- i knew i couldn't keep it to five, but i listed lying twice because it's one of my pettest pet peeves -- manipulation. i hate the feeling that someone is manipulating me! had an old man grunt and groan and squirm around in his bed. asked him what he wanted, and he grinned at me triumphantly and said "i just $hit myself. now you pretty young girls have to clean me up." ooooooooh!
    "i don't have to do anything," i said. and i went and got two big, strong, male nurses. "these guys are going to clean you up, but they're busy with their own patients. they'll be back to clean you up when they have time."
    it was the last time he tried that on me, but i heard he had moderate success trying it on younger and prettier nurses than me!