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I'm sure there is a thread around here somewhere, but I feel like I should share this. I'm still a student nurse and the other day, I missed giving 2 scheduled doses of insulin; I only gave the... Read More

  1. by   nurse303
    Unfortunately I don't know one nurse who can truthfully say they NEVER made a med error being missing a med, being late with a med, or giving the wrong dose. It happens to the best of us. Just always tripple check, and never try to hide the fact you made an error. The good thing is, from now on I'm sure you'll always be extra carefl when it comes to insulin. Thats the thing with nursing...we all learn from our mistakes hopefully not to make the mistake again.
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  2. by   chuck1234
    The most important thing is you learn from the mistake you made, and you have to try very hard not to make the same mistake again.
    Don't feel bad!
  3. by   jrbl77
    i still remember what a nsg school instructor said to me after a med error 30 plus yrs ago. i think i gave dig with a pulse of 58. she told me that i was "the worst student nurse she ever had". meanwhile 30 yrs later i am still working as an rn.take the error in stride and learn from your mistakes. i made a big error as a floor nurse- gave a med and reversed post op pt's epidural drip. i thought the world had ended. my manager helped take care of the problem and i never had this problem again. when a new nurse would make an error i would tell them what i had done and that errors happen and we have to learn form them. fix the problem and go on.
  4. by   morte
    it is good that you are taking responsibility....BUT where was your instructor?...waaaaaaaaaay back in NS i missed a heparin injection (actually, it was only late) had those big old wagons and there was a place to put injectables in the syringes.....in a drawer, well the instructor forgot it was there as well as i, but i remembered first....or maybe she was waiting to "bag" me for the error....any way if it had been missed the error would have belonged to us both.....