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I wrote this yesterday after having a hard few days at work and it seems to have struck a chord on social media with many. Enjoy! It's 10am, I have been here for 3 hours and "all" I have managed... Read More

  1. by   alobozzo
    Great summary of 15 minutes on the floor. With the onset of electronic records I believe for a floor nurse it has become harder. I have been a registered nurse a loooong time and have seen many a different process. I am retired now and exhausted from the career I loved. I could not do it again. My last venue was as a director continually begging for more staff. Arguing with corporate that electronic record made it more difficult for patient care because it demonstrated the need for more nurses to administer care to stay within two hour window.
  2. by   JavaJunkie RN
    And this is exactly why I no longer work in hospitals. I worked Cardiac Medicine and Stepdown for over 12 years. My last year in the hospital on a Stepdown floor the doctors started putting orders in the computer so they took away our unit secretary. This left no one at the desk to answer phones or call lights except one of the 2 PCA's. It was impossible to get everything done AND "chart as you go". How in the world can I chart as I go when I barely have enough time to do nursing nursing and help the 1 overworked PCA we have on the hall. (Please don't get me wrong, I do "PCA duties" without a problem. I'm perfectly capable of changing someone, helping to the bathroom, etc. But, nursing duties need to come first.) Oh yeah and they had me doing charge nurse duties because they were to cheap to hire a night charge nurse and all the other night nurses had less than 18 months work experience and a couple were less than 9 months out of nursing school.

    After I left, I spent a year doing private duty home nursing and then moved up to a Clinical Nurse Case Manger for private duty patients. I still have a ton of paperwork to do, but at least I have 24 hours to finish a routine visit and 5 days to complete an admission or recertification. And, I can do my paperwork from home if I choose.
  3. by   Joni Petersen
    After nursing for 24 years I am now retired. Accurate depiction that didn't occur as much when I began my career. Nurses required to do more and more with the average complexity of patients increasing at the same time. I wish I had a nickel every time some administrator said...."we don't need to hire someone else to do that, the nurses can do it".

    When I first started, the best CNA's on the floor would eventually become RN's. Now they quit and become Baristas. Pay is better with less stress.

    As an added stress, is the increase of the opioid addicted patient. And I'm sorry, the Med/Surg floor is not a Psych ward and all that goes with that. It actually put me over the edge. Had to leave nursing a lot earlier than I had intended.

    Thanks for a forum to let us vent......
  4. by   Baylor101