12 hours, eat twice?

  1. Just Curious if anyone else has this happen. The people who work 7a-7p get ONE "lunch" and are expected to work the rest of the day, taking breaks if they are available. There is also a 11a-11p shift that eats lunch (day shift) and then dinner (eve. shift) later on! Does anoyone elses unit/department do this and if so, why is this fair?? I think it may have to do with the fact that they are more laid back on 2nd shift, but its still unfair to the 12 hour day-shifter...Anyone else?

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  3. by   canoehead
    If someone comes in at 11a we assume they have eaten and their break will be at suppertime. They might take a 15min break after all the 7a people have gotten lunch, or around 9pm.
  4. by   jojotoo
    More often I have seen the 7AM-7PM shift eat breakfast around 8AM and then also take a lunch break in the afternoon.
  5. by   Dixiecup
    When I worked twelve hour shifts we got two 30 minute breaks.
  6. by   jojotoo
    Yes, we also get two 30 min breaks. We put them together to take a 60 min meal break. In addition to this break, day shift sometimes takes an additional breakfast break.

    I personally don't care how many breaks you take as long as the work gets done.
  7. by   rnanm
    when I work 12 hour shifts the rule of thumb is 2 30 minute breaks. One paid and one unpaid. However, I rarely get one 30 minute break uniterupted, much less even dream of the second one. I work days 7a-7p.
    We must frist take care of ourself before we can care for others I guess.
    Good luck
  8. by   RN4NICU
    I don't see a problem with taking more than one meal break during a 12 hour shift. I eat frequent snacks throughout the day, because healthier for me than eating 3 meals or less (keeps blood glucose more stable, less insulin resistance, better for metabolism, etc). So when working twelve hour shifts I take a 15 minute break a couple of hours into the shift for a snack. Then I take my 30 minute lunch break about mid-shift for a small lunch (and maybe a short walk). Then I take another 15 minute snack break a couple of hours before my shift is over. This really helps keep my energy levels up so I am not dragging at the end of the shift. It helps me think more clearly and makes me less likely to make a mistake due to being hungry or exhausted. As a previous poster stated, we must take care of ourselves first.
  9. by   Tweety
    Most of the people I work with take a breakfast break and a lunch break. We don't get paid for the 30 minute lunch break.

    It doesn't seem right that 11-11 where you work is getting two meals are 7-7 aren't. But why worry about it?
  10. by   Luv4LTC
    [font=impact]breaks?!? what's a break??? i need a break!
  11. by   Crux1024
    Quote from luv4ltc
    [font=impact]breaks?!? what's a break??? i need a break!

    thanks.. i was just curious.. its not that i dont think they shouldnt get breaks..its just unfair that 11a-11p automatically gets two 30 minute breaks and 7a - 7p is supposed to get by with just one. its bothers me a little, is all...