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Our hospital just quietly transitioned to a new policy, wherein 0.9 FTE nurses (3 12 hour shifts) are not considered full-time. They reassure us that this policy only affects new nurses, and old... Read More

  1. by   subee
    I don't think doing 3 12 hour shifts in 4 days is such a hardship. Done both. Fatigue sets in on the long shifts and its hard to get enough sleep.
  2. by   chris_mnd
    Three 12 hour shifts is kinda hard for some people, but I'm totally agreed that it's better for the patient. Think about it. You're practically living with the patient, and you can't get better continuity of care than that. Many changes and mistakes have been caught by continually-caring nurses rather than new ones. Remember that caregivers and nurses in the bad old rural days did live at their patients' bedsides.

    Anyway, the reason I'm griping about the change is obviously that 12 hour shifts are our only option. Well, that's not entirely true, there's always wiggle room, but it's the standard. If it's standard to take on a new hire at three 12 hour shifts, then that should be considered full time. Can you imagine hiring a hundred new nurses and telling them "Well, 36 hours here is part-time, so you're ALL part time. Anyone who wants to be full time has to come in for another four hour mini-shift." That's incredible.

    It also means that they're going to have practically no 1.0 nurses, which means they're just doing this to hide a benefits cost raise.

    I really don't know how they're going to tell new nurses that they're all part-time, except that HR will be doing it and they can do nothing about it so it doesn't matter.

    Why are people so negative about their employers? Because while I realize my hospital is a business, it treats nurses like a disposable resource​ rather than their main means of surviving and thriving.
  3. by   anotherone
    Quote from subee
    I don't want a nurse taking care of me who is working the third day of 3 12's in a row. Poor judgement on both the nurse and the employer for allowing it to happen.
    You might get lucky and get one who is in her/his 5th-6th 12th in a row, mandated for four more hours! I have seen that plenty of times!!!And the doctor on call has been there 30 hours! Everyone gets a turn!
  4. by   subee
    Did those awful hours a lot in the 70's but I was really young. Was in NYC during the Libby Zion case and medical students, anesthesia students were mandated a 3 hour break in the 24 hours after her death. Of course, coffee breaks, meals counted in those 3 hours. Who can leave an OR and fall asleep for an hour knowing you have to get back to work? Worked 24 hour shifts until in my 50's...torture. I KNOW what happen when your way past tired.