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Take Action! "The View" doesn't seem to include nursing June 16, 2003 -- Tonight's prime time episode of ABC's "The View," which consisted of a "His and Her Body Test" designed to impart basic... Read More

  1. by   mare-mare
    I too wrote a letter because of all the reasons everyone has said. We need to demand respect for our professions, other professions that require far less education and devotion would never be harpooned like ours is. Can you think of any other that is stereotyped liked ours? Possibly flight attendents, maybe, but that's about it.
    People LOVE us when they need us, but until then...
  2. by   mattsmom81
    I admit I am not a regular watcher of The View, but I still feel it is undermining for professional women such as Walters and Jones to be stereotypical of other professionals...particularly a female dominated profession like nursing. And that is what I wrote, addressed to Walters. We shall see if I get a response. If so I will post it...
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  3. by   charissa
    Or if you peak in some med student boards to become a fake dr
  4. by   nessa1982
    The Veiw is dumb show anyway. If your going to make fun of someone you better make fun of everyone. I once saw a Saterday Night Live with Gwenith Paltrow as a Long Island nurse and it was pretty funny. Of course I'm just a student so maybe when I actually get an RN behind my name I'll think differently, but that was funny, from the description of that episode on the veiw it just sounded ummm.......stupid.
  5. by   SandySummers
    Everyone is sending us copies of their letters that they send to The View. Right? We want to count how many letters have gone out to them and also send some of them to Johnson & Johnson, who was a major sponsor of the show, so they can put pressure on The View to do a nurse-friendly show. So please send them to us at letters@nursingadvocacy.org
    Thank you!

    Sandy Summers, MSN, MPH, RN
    Executive Director
    The Center for Nursing Advocacy
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  6. by   caroladybelle
    My question is if they make fun of Nurses, why don't they make fun of MDs.

    That will never happen.
  7. by   NewNurse2003
    I doubt anyone will get any response from Meridith. I sent an e-mail to her over a week ago and didn't get squat back.
    Students, as well as nurses, should be able to understand the gravity of these insults. As you are 'torturing' yourself in your 2, 3, and 4 year programs, think about the image Meridith is putting out. Do you deserve this after all your hard work?? NO, YOU DON'T.
    I think I have a great sense of humor. I just don't have one when it comes to making fun of me, my friends, and our profession. She (our profession) is hurting and insults like this only add insult to injury. When high school kids are thinking about their career options when they graduate, do you think they will be eager to enter a profession that gets so much negative attention....and the stereotypes!!
    We NEED more nurses...and insulting the profession isn't a way to get more people interested in nursing.

    My two cents....I may have more change to share later.
  8. by   Catsrule16
    Anyone ever wonder why the Asian-American cast member left the program? I believe that she wanted to do more serious reporting. I have seen her work on women's issues in the middle east. She's very good. Leaving the show was a great move for her. Her name is Lisa Ling, now with MSNBC and National Geographic. I think the program went downhill after Lisa Ling left.
  9. by   ucandoit
    I sent a letter! Still no response! Typical!
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    You are right, catsrule. It's just fluff ....

    and I can't watch it. I would rather spend my time with a good book, I guess. I don't like fluff, espeically when it becomes mean-spirited fluff.

    No one should hold his/her breath, awaiting a response. But it is good for the soul to register one's opinion/disagreement anyhow.
  11. by   fergus51
    High school students are applynig to nursing in droves! Our university has 5 qualified applicants to every spot.
  12. by   2banurse
    Although I definitely don't agree with the View and its depiction of nursing, I don't think that it will have an effect on those wanting to become nurses. Those that really want to become a nurse will like many on this BB take exception to this view. Those that do "change their career direction" because of this depiction weren't very into nursing in the first place.

    What they should do is have some patients go on TV and tell about their experiences in the hospital, specifically who their chief caregivers were and how very briefly they see their doctors.

  13. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Originally posted by funnygirl_rn
    Thanks Untamed.
    Any time, my sistah....any time