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Hi, Im a nursing student and I'm putting my 2 cents in. I think if the public had a better idea of what nurses do, they would support us and not only insist upon but demand better patient care. ... Read More

  1. by   hollyster
    Quote from breezy5
    I am a fairlylt new grad, been in practice a little over 6 months. I work in a nursing home and see more love and care there then many others area. We are the family for residents with no famiy. We are Advocate for residents on a daily bases. Do you know the hardest part of my job? To see people die with no family by thereside, or suffering.
    I know hospitals have a limited amount of time, but it often seems we get pt sooner then we should, but then again we get looked at as the bad people. As a nursing career, we all have an important job no matter where we work.
    The most important job in nursing is to be a strong pt advocate no matter what the setting. I have only been in LTCs as a medic and as a volunteer. The fire dept here goes into different LTCs every month just to talk to the residents. I have always been impressed by the relationships the staff and the residents have.
  2. by   ICor9:24
    it only takes a minimal amount of effort to oversee a group of old people and give out meds.[/QUOTE]

    Have you done any clinicals? Have you ever actually taken care of anyone in a Long Term Care Facility? I am a nursing student, and I just finished my very first clinical .. and I can tell you .. I learned SOOO much. Yes, it isn't the "happiest place on earth" to walk into, yes sometimes the smell gets to you, but I promise, this was the hardest work I have ever done ... and guess what else?? The MOST REWARDING! I left in tears each day because I was meeting and caring for people that had lived lives that I could never imagine. One of my pt's was a little lady, 103 yrs old!! She was totally with it, totally coherant, all self care, could feed, clean, walk herself...just needed someone there to guide her along and make sure she didn't fall. This woman never married, had her masters degree, PhD, and was a professor for over 40 years! She was incredibly smart, and funny! She continued to read scientific journals every day. She had been a resident there for over 5 years, and she wasn't all "drugged up" as you propose most people in LTC are. Another pt I cared for, had been awarded a purple heart for his bravery in the war.

    Learning to care for these people, and treat these people as PEOPLE, INDIVIDUALS, was one of the best experiences I have ever had! It opened my eyes so much. When you actually become a nurse, I hope that you see your pt's as individuals who deserve your respect, and I hope you take the time to consider the incredible lives they may have lived, and the knowledge that may be trapped beneath their dementia, or alzheimers, or whatever condition has brought them into a care facility. You generalizing them as "old people who are drugged up on med's" is greatly negligent and shows you must not be very far into your education as a serious career nurse. And to minimalize the care that nurses provide in care facilities is immensly disrespectful, and leads me to believe you could not have possible had any clinical experience. I hope when you get some hands on experience, you will see what hard work it is, and have a differant respect for what we do.
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    If I could point something out...I know this is an old thread, but i think I understand where the original poster was coming from. i have read the post many times. As a nursing student, I too had an absolutely horrible experience at a nursing home. I saw some terrible abuse and worked closely with a nurse who had been written up 10 times for med errors this year. (her own admission) The original poster was saying what she thought the public's view of LTC and LTC nurses.
    Its pretty obvious why she didn't post again, I don't believe at all that she was sterotyping ALL nurses and ALL LTC facilities. She was stating what she perceived the general public opinion was in a certain region of the country.

    Also, as long as I am risking angering people, there are some VERY bad nursing homes. They also have some very GOOd nurses that genuinely care, but there is some very bad things going on. I have seen it, working side by side with the "bad" staff.
    I am very glad to have read this thread because I see how many wonderful nurses are out there and it does restore my faith a bit.