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  1. hollyster

    introduction/help with abuse

    I am sorry that you are going through this. You must document the abuse. Speak to your instructor, she/he should intervene on your behalf. If I were in your place I would not work for that facility. Unfortunately, horizontal violence is rampant among nurses. Contray to what on poster stated mangers are often the abusers themselves. You do not want to start your career with bullies. You will have enough stress starting your carreer, you should not have to worry about toxic co-workers.
  2. hollyster

    can a florida nurse answer a ? for me?

    If what your saying is true and provable, the Florida State Board of Nursing should be notified.
  3. hollyster


    Although I was sloppy with my typing, I stand behind my opinion. I know several deaths due to anaphylactic reactions to Botox. I have also seen pts with paralysis of the muscles around the eye causing the tear duct to collapse requiring the stent insertion and paralysis of the jaw. As with any medication or procedure, the risks and benefits should be carefully weighed. From a professional standpoint, I do not believe that anyone should perform procedures that they are not fully trained to do.
  4. hollyster

    I am very embarrassed... my work day yesterday.

    Rayrae Congratulations you are now a nurse. They just did not tell you what you really had to do to be a nurse. See following list. 1.Go deeply into debt 2. Pass School 3.Take NCLEX-Stress Violently shake until the results comeback. 4. Realise the first day of orientation that they did not teach you any of this in school. 5. You feel like everyone else knows exactly what they are supposed to be doing except you and everyone else is thinking that they are so inferior to you. 6. You have at least one, preferabally two ill timed stress induced cries/meltdowns. 7. You learn how to hold your bladder for 14 hours and develop a taste for hospital jello. The only cure is to find someone at work that you admire an ask her for tips and pointers. If you haven't done a procedure ask a nurse to explain it outside the room and then watch you and give pointers along the way. Ingnore a nasty nurse once second time-QUITELY write her up. Take good care of yourself. I am happy there is another thoughtful nurse in our ranks.
  5. hollyster

    Milk and Molasses Enema

    If it been used for more than 100 years and is still used. I would call it evidence based.:chuckle
  6. hollyster

    prescribing Keflex with Allergy to PCN

    We had a surgeon who always ordered Keflex, even with PCN allergy. He said that the were molecularly dissimilar enough not to cause a reaction. Another surgeon put it better, why bother taking the chance when we have so many other meds.
  7. hollyster

    filter needles - policy

    It was hsp policy to use a filtered needle for any med from an ampule the only problem was that the hsp did not stock filtered needles.
  8. hollyster

    A-Line Question

    Heparinized saline or NS only for A-lines.
  9. hollyster

    Hating RN life...Is life as an NP really better?

    I agree with Siri. You need more then a few months on med-surg. You definately should have ICU,ER and L&D experience as a minimum. You do not want your first exposure to critical situations to be when you are completely responsible in life or death decisions without the experience to back you up.
  10. hollyster

    Is anyone near or in the path of Katrina?

    My husband and brother in law are on their way. Their specials operations rescue units will move in as soon as the storm passes. I pray that people have cleared out. I boggles my mind that people are still ignorant enough to be on the beach to "watch the storm come in."
  11. hollyster


    I would document everything and request a meeting with the DON and head of HR. Have the nurse that you covered for write a statement and the nurse that was supposed to cover you. I would give my notice and get out of there if management knowing allows an unstable individual to be in charge, you need to leave immediately
  12. hollyster

    Doc tells me pt killed her baby

  13. hollyster

    CPR certification

    You should take ACLS also unless you are working in NICU or nursery.
  14. hollyster

    Dosage Calculations - pt Factor ?

    it is called the cal factor or star factor. as critter lover has stated it is a quick way to calculate rate or mcgs. mcgs x kilograms x 60. you find out how many mcgs are in a fluid by finding out how many milligrams are in 1000 cc. say pt is on dopamine and weighs 75kg. (400mlligrams in 250cc = 1600mcg. 1600mcgs/75/60= cal factor .36 to get mcg per kilo per minute multiple cal factor x ccs .36 x 35cc =12.6mcgs/min. to get cc/hr divide mcgs per minute by cal factor 12.6mcgs/.36 = 35cc/hour
  15. hollyster

    Best Florida city?

    The Swamp (What the locals call the city, home of the FL Gators) Traffic in G-ville has been increasing rapidly, along with the areas' growth. Housing prices are good. My home is twice the size of my sister's home in Orlando and a third of the price. Houses start around 90,000 for existing homes and 110,000 for newly built homes. Crime rate depends on what area you are in.Most crimes are property crimes alot caused by pranks and parties. The City of Gainesville is actually small in area, the non-students usually live in the communities surrounding Gainesville and the crime rates are lower. Weather here is hot and humid. We are an hour and a half from the Alantic Ocean(St.Augustine) and a hour and a half from the Gulf of Mexico. There are numerous natural springs in the area. Great riding trails(horse, bike or walk.) There are four hospitals in the area. Three are great to work at one should be avoided. Numerous ALFs and rehabs(suprising since we are a major university town.) Just like anyplace there are great things about it and some not so great. Ocala is thirty minutes south of us. If you have children and are interested in moving anywhere in FL go to the MyFlorida web site and request a copy of the state's Blue Book. It gives all the information you need to make sure that your child attends a good school. The book breaks down ever public school in the state. You can find out the schools achievement scores,special programs,charter programs,student crime rates.
  16. hollyster

    medications that make you feel sick

    It would be better if it was an allergic reaction, at least you could medicate for that.:wink2: