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After seeing coworkers call 85 year old women honey, and after being called honey by people my age (I'm only 23) I'm pretty much ready to puke. Do people really not know how patronizing that is? I... Read More

  1. by   Nurset1981
    Ugh that happens all the time.. the worst part is you catch yourself repeating it! I started making sure that I addressed patients Mr/Mrs/Ms____ all the time and introduced myself as Nurse Tracie or Miss.___(insert last name) and people almost always respond the right way, they start calling you by your first name or Ms. whatever instead of "hun or sweetie". Maybe just me experience but it worked for me. I think because I was very professional they reacted appropriately. I let elderly patients slide sometimes because of the memory impairment.
  2. by   nursesaideBen
    Honey has never bothered me, I do have a habit of calling my female residents/patients either honey or ladybug. In my area, terms of endearment are used by and for almost everyone. Just depends on the person I guess
  3. by   Pat_Pat RN
    I caught myself calling a teenage girl "sweetie" last week. I only got "sweet..." out, before I caught myself and cut off. I usually don't do that.
    She was just in pitiful shape, reminded me of my daughter I guess.
  4. by   Logan

    To grown adults - I tend to not use terms of endearment.

    Sometimes elderly folk have used that term when refering to me - but I don't mind. LOL, at their age, it's probably their right!

    Quote from BigKenny
    Being a male in the nursing field I have never called anyone "honey" or anything of that sort.
    I use terms of endearment with 'my' kids all the time