"Getting involved with someone else's patient"

  1. Ok - this is a first! My unit manager called me today because the weekend nursing supervisor e-mailed her with a complaint that I get involved with someone else's patients too much.

    Both times I was helping to take care of a near code situation after a nurse next to me (who is nice and caring but doesn't quite know what to do in emergency) came out in the hallway and asked me " can u please take a look at my patient?"
    One time the patient was unresponsive with FS of 33, another time a different pt was blue, in resp. distress with fs of 22, while her other patient was bleeding out and the thrid patient was screaming in pain. During both occurences the nursing supervisor was not present.

    The same nursing supervisor e-mailed my boss 3 months ago with complaint that I should not call her directly if I need an ICU bed, but my charge nurse should call her.

    Anyway, my boss was supportive of me, but I still feel really angry that NS did not talk to me about anything before she went to my boss and my confidence is down.

    Did anyone have this experience before? What do you do about this? Maybe I am not quite understanding the definition of "teamwork".
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  3. by   Antikigirl
    OH I didn't realize taking care of patients is a one person job exclusively! Oh wow, do they get mad if a RT/PT or even MD comes in and helps? Or a CNA? Wow...

    I would find out WHO wants to play posessive patient, and avoid them as long as it is safe for the pt! If not, I would document what I did and why like CRAZY in the charts! If for some reason admin can't take it...BYE!!!!!

    What part of being a nurse and pt advocate falls under 'can't touch this..it is mine" theory????

    However, there are some that do try to take over pt care...I have seen it, and maybe have done it on pts I have worked hard on and don't want it messed up! LOL! In that case..you have to watch toes...try to be considerate and not stomp on toes..step maybe...stomp no...depends on the other nurse on how you go with that....

    I am easy going..I accept help and thank people for it...even if I feel that it may not fall in line with my thinking. I also am well versed in how to poliety acknowledge their views, and still go with my own if I feel necessary! And art that takes time, and is always dynamic!

    I would be talking to admin and saying directly and without wavering "what is it that I did wrong in regards to patient safety and treatment in these situations?". And if they throw up that whole continuity or stepping on another nurses toes thing...I would simply REPHRASE "and this is hurting the patient or risking pt safety by........what?".

    Also..quoting the mission statements at most hospitals will get the debate done when put into favor! That is typically a win win if you don't have a evil administration! LOL!

    Good luck! Use your social skills and goals as a nurse in your favor and stick up for yourself! I find, although quite anxiety provoking at times...is the best answer!
  4. by   TazziRN
    If your teammates are not complaining, then I don't see where the NS has any room to talk. You did good and you have your boss's support, so other than knowing you cannot trust that NS, don't let it get to you.
  5. by   RN BSN 2009
    I agree with Triage... Kill them with their own statements
  6. by   CaLLaCoDe
    I am so grateful for the help of others when I might not have all the answers regarding a patient's welfare! Trust me, I know it is a humbling experience, however I am very grateful for their help! Now, if I were to complain about someone's intrusive life saving action to my superior--- talk about burning bridges!
  7. by   Diploma'82
    I agree with all other statements! Maybe supervisor is afraid she'll lose her job to you!?
  8. by   caliotter3
    I agree also. There is something wrong when a supvr complains about team work and accomplishing pt care. No wonder you are perplexed. Unless you were doing the other nurse's work to your own pts' detriment, I don't see what her problem is. The job is getting done. She should be glad that you work so well together. I have worked in a place where the nurses helped each other as needed and everyone, esp the pts, benefitted. Have also been in places where the opposite occurred. Your supvr has an agenda, and whatever it is, it doesn't bode well for you or the pts. Just keep on doing right, and make certain that you document in the pt's chart appropriately. You should collaborate with your partner about the documentation so she/he does not think you are doing anything behind their backs.
    Heavens, supvrs complaining about things that get done!