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  1. Diploma'82

    Is it wrong to leave a job during orientation?

    Had 2 nurses quit at the same time right after their orientation was complete. One was because she applied for a certain job and then the manager would not let her do that job, don't blame her. The other was a new grad whose dream job came up. Was very frustrating for the staff who were pulling extra shifts already because above mentioned manager chased everyone off when she was hired, and costly for the hospital.
  2. Diploma'82

    Bizarre Behavior by RN Employee

    I had a back spasm once that the only way to get rid of it was to lay on the floor, but I put a bath blanket down to lay on and I did it out of sight of anyone else. I worked night shift, so not many people around and I told my co-workers what I was doing so they didn't freak out if they happened to come in where I was doing this. I agree this nurse IS disrespecting his manager.
  3. Diploma'82

    Do It Just One. More. Time. and I Will....

    Oh My Word! This is/was completely me!
  4. Diploma'82

    Did I cause my patient to die faster?

    You did nothing wrong...you took good care of your pt and it was her time to go.
  5. Thanks for this article, diploma grad of 1982:nurse:
  6. Diploma'82

    If you could invent nursing supplies, what would it be?

    I really like the foley with a light idea!!! Bravo!!