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I transferred to my hospital's ICU/CCU at the end of February. Anytime a nurse transfers departments, they evaluate you at 45 and 90 days after you started the new job. I've been an RN for 5 years... Read More

  1. by   nursegoodguy
    Trying to get pregnant... hmmm well in that case I say do what's good for you... You are not the only one being evaluated here, you evaluate them! In your mind give them a time limit when you eval if you want to work with these people or not. If they don't change their ways then it's time to move on! Don't make yourself miserable, it just isn't worth it and you deserve to work in an environment where people appreciate you. (I'd still try the sweets thing though...)
  2. by   RNforLongTime
    The AHN said to me that I HAVE to prove to them that they can trust me, especially since I work in a smaller hospital and there are no residents to fall back on in case of an emergency on nights.

    One of the reasons that they like the other RN that transferred from my old unit is that she is a suck-up and that she brings them food! One night she cooked an enire pork roast dinner and brought it in on her day off!!! Once she bought chicken wings from the best place in town and brought em in to work. I am not one to suck up. If you don't like me then that's your problem but you have to work with me so lets try to make it pleasant! Hmm?

    Not ALL of the night shift RN's are bytchy--only a few of them. The one that precepted me that night and another RN who is actually married to my hubby's cousin and has worked in ICU for 12 years. It might be another month before I get to work in the ICU again. Wednesday night, it had been over 2 weeks since I last worked there.
  3. by   nursegoodguy
    Well see there is your number one problem, you have integrity! They are probably not use to it...
    A few doughnuts is one thing (and yes you are right sucking up is sucking up) but an entire dinner on your day off...
    That is definitely sucking up material! (hey wait a minute... maybe if I am an @$$ to the new nurses they'll make me dinner too... okay okay, bad idea)
    The sad fact however is that they will take the nursesuckup over you... Why, because you have morales, integrity and they are threatened by you.
    Keep being the positive role model! You are to me
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    Thanks nursegoodguy,

    You made me feel a whole lot better! That's why I love this board. The support from people all over is phenomenal!

  5. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by nursegoodguy
    Brownms46 I think it's a GREAT idea! Bring in something sweet! You make it the type of place you want to work in! And Yes, they will want to take you under their wings but just keep in mind that you can't trust these people... they already proved that. You are just trying to make it a bit more tolerable for yourself.
    It's all game playing, they play the tattle tale hag game and you play the sweet game!
    You're sooo right nursegoodguy! And trust them?? No way! They already showed they couldn't be trusted...the minute they didn't address any concerns they had to kaknurse themselves before running behind her back! She just needs a way to grease them up...and slip out from under the death grip they're trying to put on her aspirations to be an excellent criitical care nurse!

    Trust Them??? NEVER!!
  6. by   Brownms46
    I always say to each their own. Whatever works for ya....do it! I prefer to keep things civil...and if I can do that with a little food.... But if it's gets too be too much of a problem I have no problem walking...as I have just recently proved!

    I will take so much and then....the "Dragon Lady" will show up....and folks are looking around wondering where SHE came from!!!

    I hope your situation works out...no matter what you decide to do...
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    I'll see how things go. If I can't take it then I'm gonna apply at another hospital. No floors though, I want Critical Care.
  8. by   mario_ragucci
    Yo Kelly. I wish I could tell you not to feel bad, but that would be silly, right? A similiar situation happened to me.

    For all my yapping about nurses who eat their young, and how that would not happened to me, I was taken down 2 weeks ago and have scars now from an attack from hungry, rabid nurses.

    I was floating and pretty much liking how easy it was. I floated into an environment that produced bad feelings 2 weeks ago, but am out now, yet damage was done.

    If you don't know, I am starting RN school in the fall, and have been devoting alot of time to learning to be an RN. 2 months ago, I landed a great position as a CNA in a great hospital. xKnowing no one, and having no documentable experience in health care made this position for me a very fortunate break. Many people said Iy'd hafta work at smaller facilities before I can work on a hospital med floor, yet I interviewed and got on. This is now extrememly important to me, since I am going to be an RN in 2004 like I said.

    But, the census was low weeks after I started working, so I went into the float pool as a CNA and all I did was go sit places. The census is back up now, BTW.

    When you sit with a person for 12 hours, you tend to talk with them. Long story short, i had some unknown RN's not liking me for reminding them to communicate verbally to me. I know what your saying about staff ignoring you, and having to initiate all communication with the RN who only communicate in packs. Being new to the whole scene, I depend on RN communication to let me know about a patient. You know.

    Blah - blah blah three RN's from a unit not my home wrote me up for some pretty embarrassing things. Wrote me up, and I didn't even know you could do that. they didn't even talk to me, I don't even know their names at the time, yet, they must have each spent a good 20+ minutes writing a story about how I was not proffessional in working with the patients. Three nurses from the same unit all wrote me up, and I was just a cna sitter.

    So here is me, just passing me 2 month mark, and the next time I am in the supervisors office after I am hired was to have elequent deragatory write ups read to me by my boss.

    My boss hired me, and obviously had confidence in me to work on the cardiac telemetry unit with my experience. Do you know how pissed off I was that people I don't even know wrote official and serious statements against me and my demenour?

    Talking about being eaten by a nurse is one thing, but actually getting attacked in real life is another. They attack me, and I bleed, but my Vit K, and prothromin and clotting.sys worked on my angry emotions too, and I am feeling better now and healing. Those RN's who attacked me could care less about me. It was a shock.

    You get a pack of nurses and they will attack because it's their nature as a group to attack lone prey. It's dangerous stuff, and can take your life/vocation. I learned to try to act like a spirit if I ever float there again. And, I am learning why some people don't make eye contact and seem to have withdrawn expressions. It's because they are perhaps thinking it's better than risking an attack by anyone who just might not like the way they look at them.

    My evaluation....I don't know. I haven't passed 90 days yet, and my boss told me not to take those write ups too seriously, but it does bother me to have to modify my behavior to a defensive posture. Why should a health care worker hafta be on gaurd against other team members.

    I usta think I could be all positive and factor people, but some RN's DO have mean temperments.

    So don't you fret none, because there are the good experiences that happen in life which make the miserable ones that mush more miserable. Just remember other people have these things happen, perhaps we all do, and it's just a product of the environment and other peoples personalities/behaviors.
  9. by   nursegoodguy
    Poor Mario! I can't imagine with as much personality as I've seen in your posts that you wouldn't be adored by most let alone written up by 3 at once! It does happen and it is a tremendous blow to ones ego but Mario you just keep being you! Like Kelly, you are honest & have integrity and you are an up front kind of guy and some people are just threatened by a dynamic person. You're gonna be just fine.
  10. by   PhantomRN
    You just have to decide if its worth the aggravation. Many people have said to stick it out etc. I am of the vein.....If you try it and dont like it move on. It will be their loss.

    Just try to get in 6 months experience first.
  11. by   zudy
    Mario, sorry you had such a horrible experience. What is with these crazy people??? i promise you, it's not like that everywhere. My first job was horrble, like I said, but I have worked with so many great people, nurses, drs support staff, etc. that it makes up for it. I work in a great place now, fun staff and great boss, ao hang in there!! Tose jobs are out there!
  12. by   susanmary
    It's disheartening to hear yet, another story, of nurses "eating their own." Stick to your principles and hold your head up -- you know you are doing your best. Clearly, it's frustrating that you are being floated out of the ICU -- you need the experience and time on the unit. As for the AHN stating that you need to earn their trust -- the nurses have not shown themselves to be trustworthy. But try to get beyond this. It's difficult -- you're trying to be a team player -- and, at this point, they are not letting you "play." Only you can decide if it's worth it.

  13. by   Jenny P
    Kelly, as a long term critical care nurse (and a long term night nurse too!), I am sorry that you had this experience. My suggestion is to go straight to that nurse and tell her that you are aware that she wrote you up negatively and you want to know what will change her opinion of you! People who run to the AHN or HN to report someone instead of talking with that person first are afraid of confrontation and usually do a fantastic job of stammering and back pedaling when confronted like that. Maybe I'm sadistic, but it is fun to watch them squirm when I've done this in the past. Then drive her crazy with questions from now on in! Tell her how you would do a procedure, then ask if that's what she'd do; pretty soon she will wish you'd shut up! (And it isn't sucking up, either).

    On a side note here, I have found that it is difficult to evaluate a quiet newbie in ICU. As either a preceptor or "buddy," I find I am continually questioning them about different procedures, meds, etc. until I find they have a good grasp of what they are doing. I try to explain to them that unless they tell me what they are doing (and why), I will be "hounding" them about everything they do. Once they understand that I NEED to know how they are thinking, they usually start talking more and ask questions more and explain what they plan to do and why. Back in the "old days" of nursing (when I was young) we had a saying of "See One, Do One, Teach One" and that was how we learned different procedures: you had to know what you were doing before you could teach someone a new procedure. I don't know if that is still done elsewhere today, but the newer (younger) people that I've spoken to haven't heard of it.

    I think that many of the "witches" in ICUs are overly possessive and protective of THEIR patients and feel that there is no one who can care for their patients as well as they can, and they will jump down anothers' throat for even the slightest transgression (at least that is a problem with the 3 in my unit). I wonder if they realise what they are doing sometimes.

    Mario, I'm sorry you got written up 3 times by 3 nurses in the same unit. What did you do, talk all 12 hours to the patient you were sitting? Just kidding, but that is about the only thing I could possibly see you doing.