"Bad Luck" Uniform??

  1. I have a certain uniform that whenever I wear it, bad things happen! Seems like everytime I wear it someone dies, some major crisis happens, or I generally have a crappy night. The last time I wore it I had one patient "actively" dying, 1 patient that suddenly went bad and almost died, and 1 patient that DID die. I haven't worn the uniform (which just so happens to be my favorite) in 2 weeks due to this bad luck thing. LOL Anyway, I'm sitting here thinking "wow, I forgot to do laundry and the only clean uniform I have left is my bad luck one" UGH!! Wish me luck tonight guys! LOL

    Tell me I'm not crazy......does anyone else have an unlucky uniform???
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  3. by   Cali
    GOOD LUCK SCARLETTE! Be sure to let us know what happens. I don't have an unlucky uniform, but at work we have a bad luck room. Most babies born in that room come out not breathing, so everyone hates that room. You're not crazy, I understand where you're coming from.
  4. by   P_RN
    Good luck. And tomorrow put that one in the Goodwill bag, OK?
  5. by   oramar
    But I would burn that thing.
  6. by   Stargazer
    For years I worked with a guy whose patients would crump or code whenever he wore red socks. We all came to fear the crimson booties...
  7. by   ikimiwi
    I dont have a bad luck uniform, but if I dont keep my little cheat books in my pocket , very bad things happen. They dont have to be in my shirt pocket, but at least in my lab coat pocket, hanging in the nurses station.!
  8. by   RNforLongTime
    I personally don't have a bad luck uniform, but one of our Nursing assistants does. It's a bright yellow complete scrub set and whenever she wears it, we have a really bad night with lots of admissions, etc..
  9. by   Scarlette
    Well, good news! No one died last night, but I still had a somewhat crappy night. Got an admit right away (didn't even have report finished!), had a few people with "call light-itis", people with TONS of meds, no aide, a bed jumper, one nurse went home sick midway through the shift, then, just when I thought everything would be good.....shift ending and all....a new illeostomy decides to leak ALL over the patient....ewww!!! I consider this a GOOD night because no one died. LOL I was considering burning that uniform, but it's my favorite...maybe I'll get rid of it and buy an identical one.
  10. by   night owl
    I don't have a bad luck uniform, but this brings back memories of when I was in grade school many moons ago...Had a fifth grade teacher that whenever she wore her gray dress, I had a God awful day in math. One day she asked me if I understood long division. I said yes just to get her off of my back. Well...that was the worst thing I could have said. "Let's see how well you understand!" She put 5 problems on the board and made me do everyone of them! To this day I still remember it like it was yesterday...I cried through everyone of them. She yelled at me with things like, "Well how much is 9x8? What do you mean you don't know???" In the meantime all the kids are laughing at me and I felt like 1cent. It was that darn dress! She was possesed when she wore it I swear... I hated the b***h!
  11. by   mattcastens
    No bad luck uniform, but bad luck co-worker. It seems whenever a certain charge nurse and I are on the same shift, the poo hits the fan and I end up covered in body fluids (usually blood, but vomitus and sputum are close behind). It never fails.

    The last time we were both on, we were recovering side-by-side hearts -- each on one side of a curtain. Not a good night either for us or our patients.

    I'm not superstitious -- except about that.
  12. by   mecon
    Yes, Scarlette, you are crazy.