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Lou is what they called me.

Yep and I'm stickin' it in it again as I take an objective view on issues yet am denied access, meaning my writing needs to be more creative. And first let me get the popsicle juice out that I have obviously overdone to myself typing words of example.

The transitionaey level of life is where I find my need

Visit my website which was derived by a complete stranger my having given her every word I have written over the last 4 years created me and told me who i am.Go


First came the gratitude page

Meaning Guillotine.

I notice what is accurately described as flight of ideas.

Look at my old and travelled past, "Walking the Walk." So I could "Talk the Talk."

Guess it could be called working undercover but using. (walking the walk)

How is a driven man supposed to know when he returns he won't be understood.

I am open and will view comments with gratitude.


Please visit my website.

Smokin a little too much crack there Lou? :confused:

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I'm lost. What the hell are you talking about?

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Are you still on your meds for your bipolar disorder? Maybe it's time to check with your doc......your thoughts aren't making any sense and you seem really fragmented.

OMG!! Am I back at the Spectrum???? :mad:


Thank you for letting me see what your life was like. I thoroughly enjoyed your web-site!

For those of you that have passed judgement, go to the website mentioned and enjoy being part of another nurses life....nothing strange there at all...just someone inviting you all to share!!!

Thanks again Louie! :)

Thanks all, for valid input.

Blonde, for your valid statement,

esarge for your taking the time to really know me. and kewl, ain't kewl at all.

Heather is honestly frustrated.

Thank you all for your time. I will gradually get to know you which is in your benefit for those understanding.


nice website. I can see you have put a lot of work into it. best regards,


web page

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