why doesn't our stomach "like" our own blood?

  1. Maybe the stupidest question? But for GI bleeders, or even just tonsillectomies or wisdom teeth removal, etc., why can't, or doesn't, our stomach just digest blood like any other "food." Why does it almost always get thrown up?
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  3. by   amoLucia
    Whatever possessed you to thinkup this question??? YUCK! It is an interesting one to think about! Just something I would never have thought of. But I can add folk with 'bloody noses' too.

    This inquiring mind would like to know too. Think maybe there's an allergic response??? I don't know --- maybe somebody in hemotology would know?
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  4. by   brownbook
    I still don't know, but thanks for your response. Makes it seem like not such a dumb question. I float to the GI clinic once in a while. I will ask the MD.
  5. by   amoLucia
    Brownbook - please come back to the thread if you get an answer. Your question really does intrigue me and I'd like to knoow too. Thanks.

    PS - There's no such thing as a dumb or stupid question. This IS a good question.
  6. by   brownbook
    Hi, I asked two different GI docs. The answer was just kind of vague.....blood is an irritant, blood is an emetic, blood is a laxative, etc. If I understood the Dr. correctly he even said blood will scar the intestinal lining it is so irritating.

    But I still don't understand what "chemical" is in blood that is so irritating to our GI system?

    Sorry, still confused.
  7. by   amoLucia
    Thank you for the comeback - I had forgotten about this thread. Still find it interesting. I'm not in any position to be checking with anyone, but I'll keep it in mind. Wonder what the pH is? Stomach is acidic so maybe it's too alkaline???

    I wonder why I start to salivate a lot just before I throw up - I mean I just drool "sweet' too. Do others do this? This is getting to be a nasty topic. LOL:icon_roll

    Thinking again to acid/base. People take antacids to neutralize sour stomach and that doesn't necessarily cause them to throw up, sooooo Back to question 1.
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  8. by   Hygiene Queen
    The only thing I could think of would be pH.
    How about the iron in the blood???
  9. by   amoLucia
    This is still on my mind. What about salinity of blood? If it's hypertonic maybe that would trigger emesis?
  10. by   Tragically Hip
    The pH of human blood is between 7.35 and 7.45 — very slightly alkaline — so that's not it. The salinity of human blood is certainly isotonic to the blood in your circulatory system, and is less salty than a lot of salty foods, so that's not it.

    Here's some interesting information from answers dot yahoo dot com: Why is blood a cathartic?
  11. by   RNsRWe
    Since it's a biological 'quirk' that we can eat animal blood without issue and frequently (although not always) vomit after ingesting human blood, I like to think it's G-d's little way of making sure Bobby doesn't become Breakfast

    OTOH, it isn't kosher to eat even ANIMAL blood so.... Ok, this is going weird now.

    Sometimes a small amount of human blood with make someone violently sick, and another person won't react at all.

    Me, I think I'll stick with Margueritas!
  12. by   RNsRWe
    Quote from brownbook
    But I still don't understand what "chemical" is in blood that is so irritating to our GI system?

    Sorry, still confused.
    We lack the enzyme needed to digest our own blood. From a survivalist perspective, probably a good thing, no?