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So those of you that know me know that I am a new nurse.

You also know that like many newbs, I am struggling.

well, today, and I kid you not, my employer asked me to precept a new nurse.

I almost fainted......


What in the he double hocky sticks are these people thinking?

I have as much business being a preceptor as my kitten has playing for the Dallas Cowboys.....seriously?

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Do it! I'm just under 2 yrs and precept new nurses! I love percepting! I learn new things and I get to teach them as well!

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I don't know how new you are or what field of nursing you are in, but assuming there are more experienced nurses available, I would have to advise against it. It is one thing if you are just new to this unit, but as a new nurse there are a lot of important things you haven't had the chance to learn yet, or have mastered your assessment and critical thinking skills, which are so important to the orientation process.

My ER doesn't even consider having someone with less than 4-5yrs precept, but the majority have a minimum of 8yrs.

When I had 2yrs on the job I probably would've loved the idea of precepting because I felt I could show them things that I thought valuable that never seemed to be important to other preceptors (ex: cleaning/stocking when not busy vs surfing internet, taking time to do extra for pts like blankets, pillows, heat packs for backaches etc), however I also knew that I didn't have enough experiences under my belt to where i could adequately prepare a new nurse to respond correctly.

Anyways, that's just my opinion.... By the way, what did you say to your manager when she asked? Do you even know why she asked someone that's new instead of more experienced? I'm gonna guess the more experienced nurses are refusing to do it, usually because the "compensation" isn't worth the aggravation, or there is no extra $ at all.

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If you aren't comfortable, don't do it.

I have known nurses who were only 6 months out of school (or so)

to precept.. I've also been ME, 3 years on a Med/Surge unit

and STILL not comfortable enough to precept. =)

I hope no one is trying to MAKE you do it.

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Time management is usually one of the biggest struggles for newer nurses. Adding an orientee into the mix could be disastrous. It takes ALOT of time to discuss, explain and demonstrate tasks to the new nurse. Take care of yourself first, OP!

Trust me guys, I will not be precepting anyone until I have at leaset 2 more years under my belt...

I was stunned they even asked me. The fact is that I need more orientation myself.....

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well, today, and I kid you not, my employer asked me to precept a new nurse.
When I was a brand new nurse, my employer frequently asked me to precept and orient new hires to the floor. They did not seem to be concerned about the fact that I only had a couple of months of experience and was still learning the job myself.

Sometimes I would report to work and be approached by the nurse manager who would tell me, "You're going to be orienting a nurse today." They would never prepare me or tell me far in advance that I would be precepting.

In my experience, it is the most understaffed facilities who resort to using brand new nurses to precept other new hires. IMO, they are using the blind to lead the blind. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

I could not agree with you more Commuter. Imminent disaster. I will not do it. A new nurse deserves to have an expert nurse orient them, not a snot nosed rookie like me lol

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