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FSU BSN 2015


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Thanks so much for the update about the wait list!!! I truly appreciate it!

bkab, are you doing their summer Accelerated program?

Just accepted at UCF and sent FSU my rejection!

I just got an email notification that I have been officially ACCEPTED into FSU for the fall!!!

Anyone on here attending? Seems like most of you were hoping for elsewhere.

Hi, I wanted to know what your schedule/courseload is like with the accelerated program. I'm considering applying to the program in the future. Any insight would be appreciatedí ½í¸Š

It's pretty intense to be honest. I have a full load. No free time at all. Thank goodness it's only temporary.

@ _zoubisoubisou_ ,

How do you feel the traditional BSN compares to the accelerated? I am desperate to get some information about the traditional program.

I'm not in that program, but we do have a few classes with them. they have a decent workload as well, but they also have more free time than the accelerated. It's doable..

Do you have any tips or advice for buying the uniforms, books, stethoscope, etc.? I just got the information packet emailed to me today.

I'd buy the uniforms from the local shop they recommend, Helen's Uniforms. There are special patches they sew on and that shop is accustomed to new FSU nursing students. As for the stethoscope and other items, you can get everything either at Helen's or online. Buy a penlight, and a BP cuff (although I very rarely use my own BP cuff now since most of the hospitals use the machines, but you'll need it to practice in the beginning). Books depend on the instructors. I only used 2 of the many, many books we were told we should purchase. Def buy your med-surg book, other than that I didn't really use them, but a lot of people did. Guess it depends if you're a reader or not, I'm not.

Thank you so much for all the info!

Do I really need two scrub tops and pants? Do the shoes have the be COMPLETELY white?

When do clinicals actually start? How prepared did you feel going into clinicals? How does the KAPLAN testing work? How does the schedule work? In other words, are there several professors that teach the required courses we can choose from or are you put into either one class or the other?

Has anyone received acceptance letter from FSU Accelerated Nursing Program starting Spring 2016?

Laura_Bailly, BSN

Specializes in Certified ER and Trauma RN.

Hello all, my name is Laura. I graduated from the FSU Accelerated Nursing Program in August 2015. If you all have any questions or concerns about the program and its curriculum please feel free to ask! :-) :-) :-)

Hey Laura_Bailly, BSN, TN

How was the first semester of the program?

Laura_Bailly, BSN

Specializes in Certified ER and Trauma RN.

Hey ashg2015! I am not sure if the Accelerated Nursing Spring 2015 schedule will reflect our Fall 2014 schedule. Last I heard FSU CON was trying to double the size of the program so there may be some changes. We had 24 students in our cohort, I believe they are going for 40 students next year.

Our first semester consisted of 4 classes: Foundations (with lab and clinicals at a nursing home), Vulnerable Populations (with Psych and Community clinical rotation), Pharmacology, and Health Assessment (with lab). We had several skill check offs for Foundation lab such as sterile gloving, foley caths, NG tubes. Health Assessment lab consisted of focused assessments such as cardiovascular, respiratory, etc. The program is pretty intense; however, it is absolutely doable. Be organized (I had two calendars), support your classmates (they will become your second family) and get to know your professors! Most importantly take time for yourself!

Wow! How was pharmacology and the drug calculations? Was it hard...did the professors explain the material well?!

@Laura_Bailly, BSN, RN

I was accepted for Spring 2016 ABSN at FSU. Has anyone else received an acceptance letter/email? I'm curious about the schedule as well (Are you in class everyday or are there certain days off?)