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FSU BSN 2015


Hello all,

I haven't seen anyone start a thread at all for hopefuls for the BSN program at FSU to start fall 2015.

Anyone else out there apply?

I did apply. But I am a transfer student so not sure what my chances are :(

I am not sure if I am considered a transfer student or not as I am applying for second bachelor's degree.

I applied for the traditional BSN as a second-degree seeking student for fall 2015.

Stats anyone? :)

I'm in the ABSN program now. If you didn't get your undergrad at FSU you are a xfer student to the best of my knowledge.

How is the accelerated program there? I believe it is only a year compared to what most programs are, correct?

yea 12 months. It's brutal but we're halfway done!

Would you recommend the accelerated over the traditional? For me, it seems to make more sense to try to get into the traditional program in the fall instead of waiting for the spring for the accelerated since it'd almost be the same length of time after waiting.

Do you have a bachelors degree already? If you do, it would be the accelerated program. You can't apply to the traditional BSN program if you already have a degree

^ not entirely accurate unless they've changed things. There are a few ppl with BS degrees in the traditional program now.... If you have the means to do traditional, that might not be a bad idea. Accelerated is crazy busy and stressful. Then again, when I graduate in August, they will have another year to go...so both have its pros and cons.

I got an email today that I was chosen as an alternate for the fall 2015 BSN program.

I'm a little surprised because I just changed my major from accelerated over to traditional BSN and was told to not worry about the major change going through until March because decisions will not be made until then.

Anyone else hear anything?

Do you guys know anything about how the alternate/wait list works? I'm a little taken aback by this.

I'm not sure how to edit a post or I would combine all of this. I was told by FSU admissions today that no one who was an alternate was offered admissions last year. Bummer.

Sorry, I don't know anything about waitlists. :(

That's interesting that they've messaged you so early. Last year we didn't hear anything until late March!

Agree, @_zoubisoubisou_.

That's part of why I am so surprised and taken aback. They told me that they wouldn't even be reviewing applications until March 1st, but did the decisions early this year to give people time to do their major changes, etc.

So you are for sure on the wait list? That is better than being denied..

Are you an FSU student?

This is the email I got this morning:

February 24, 2015


Thank you for your interest in Florida State University's College of Nursing. I regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission into our Traditional BSN program for Fall 2015. You were among many excellent applicants, and therefore have been placed on our Traditional BSN alternate list.

If you would like to be placed on our alternate list, please return the enclosed form by April 15, 2015. If we are unable to fill the number of allotted seats, you will be contacted by May 1st to see if you are still interested in enrolling into the nursing major at FSU. Your current alternate status does not guarantee admission into the Traditional BSN program for Fall 2015 or any future semesters.

I wish you well as you consider other nursing educational opportunities or other majors at Florida State University. Please do not hesitate to speak to an academic advisor in the Student Services Office in the College of Nursing to explore your other options. Our academic advisors can be reached at 850.644.3296 or info@nursing.fsu.edu.


Carlos G. Urrutia

Director of Student Services