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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could let me know how long the orientation is for new grads at several of the main hospitals in the Tampa Area? I am interviewing on the CTICU and NSICU at TGH and also applied for the Critical Care Residency program. I'm also wondering how long the ICU orientation is at Florida Hospital Tampa, Northside Heart and Vascular (HCA), and for St. Anthony's residency program. I would greatly appreciate the feedback so I have an idea going into these interviews this week!
  2. genonurse2b

    Usf np fall 2017 applicants

    Just received an email for acceptance for the AGPCNP program
  3. I will be graduating in May from a major state university with my BSN and am applying to nurse residency programs in the Tampa area. In completing the application for Florida Hospital, there is an optional section in the employee profile for listing "Skills/Qualifications." I was wondering if anyone could shed some light as to what is appropriate to put in this field as a new nurse graduate? I started to list all of the clinical skills I have learned and/or performed and it was becoming extremely lengthy and tedious (i.e., from bowel care to management of endotracheal tubes and tracheostomy ventilation systems). I am not sure how to whittle the list down, determine what is worth listing, or if I should put "buzz words" that apply to me (i.e., critical thinking skills, etc.) If anyone has any feedback, I would GREATLY appreciate it. I have been trying to figure this out on Google and not having much luck!!! Here is a screenshot of the section if it helps. I have information to put for everything else, but this one is killing me.
  4. genonurse2b

    UTA, UT Tyler and FSU Nursing

    I currently attend the BSN program at FSU and it is horrible. I was looking into other programs after only a month. I would not recommend it to anyone. It is highly unorganized, the administration is unprofessional, and instruction/preparation is lacking, especially compared to what they expect of us. In terms of job opportunities in Florida, they'll hire almost anyone with a pulse somewhere. Last I heard was that there were 12,000 job openings for RNs in February in the state. Not sure what you decided to do, but I highly recommend an option other that Florida State. I would transfer, but am in too deep at this point. P.S. I have done very well in the program, but that is all from teaching myself. Just an FYI in case this sounds like a bitter post.
  5. Hey all, Hope everyone is hanging in there this semester! I am just nearing the end of my first semester at my BSN program and we are required to take the dreaded Kaplan exams at the end of our courses. To make a long story short, my Health Assessment professor has not been guiding us much the entire term and I am very nervous about the Kaplan final exam. I was planning to Google and use the Kaplan study questions I can find on Quizlet, etc. because I don't know what else to do, but was wondering how much the exam actually changed year to year? If anyone has any information, I'd be extremely grateful so I know where to direct my studying!
  6. genonurse2b

    Florida State University BSN Program Transfer

    Do you mind private messaging me and telling me what happened? I am in the traditional program right now and am not thrilled with how things are going.
  7. genonurse2b

    FSU BSN 2015

    Thank you so much for all the info! Do I really need two scrub tops and pants? Do the shoes have the be COMPLETELY white? When do clinicals actually start? How prepared did you feel going into clinicals? How does the KAPLAN testing work? How does the schedule work? In other words, are there several professors that teach the required courses we can choose from or are you put into either one class or the other?
  8. genonurse2b

    FSU BSN 2015

    Do you have any tips or advice for buying the uniforms, books, stethoscope, etc.? I just got the information packet emailed to me today.
  9. genonurse2b

    FSU BSN 2015

    @ _zoubisoubisou_ , How do you feel the traditional BSN compares to the accelerated? I am desperate to get some information about the traditional program.
  10. genonurse2b

    FSU BSN 2015

    Anyone out there?
  11. genonurse2b

    UWF BSN 2015

    I got my acceptance email yesterday, but will likely be declining my admissions to attend FSU. I will keep those on the wait list updated.
  12. genonurse2b

    FGCU Fall 2015

    Just wanted to let everyone on here know that I have declined my acceptance to FGCU, so a waitlist spot should be opening up. Good luck!
  13. genonurse2b

    FGCU Fall 2015

    Just got my letter of acceptance for admissions to FGCU this afternoon :)
  14. genonurse2b

    FGCU Fall 2015

    Still waiting --- keeping my fingers crossed to have something in tomorrow's mail! I'm an hour and a half from Orlando and Tampa, so we shall see.
  15. genonurse2b

    FGCU Fall 2015

    Still nothing in the mail for me today
  16. genonurse2b

    FGCU Fall 2015

    Still no news and waiting from me in Crystal River, FL (three hours north of Ft. Myers and about an hour north of Tampa). The post office told me mail can take 3-5 days to get to me from Fort Myers, so we shall see. Can anyone check the mailing date on the actual letters so we know when they were sent? @DimplezLPN --- where are you located?