FSCJ/FCCJ Fall 2011 Hopefuls

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I know this is early, but I am sure there are Fall hopefuls out there for 2011.

Anyone out there yet, or am I just overly eager?


Fall 2011 hopeful here!

Im taking micro right now and college algebra in the spring to bump up my points. Im also retaking the NAT in december. Hopefully ill end up with 200+

If I am taking A&P II and Chem next semester and Micro in Fall 2011, would that make me a Fall 2010 hopeful? The application deadline is Oct 1 according to my notes (I will have all my pre-req's completed and be enrolled in Micro) I am hoping that my NAT score & grades (not including Micro) will get me enough points to have a shot at being accepted.

Im a next semester (summer) hopeful. If I can get my points up on that god forsaken NAT, Ill have a good chance!

Hi K,

How did you do on your first try? What do you think was the hardest part?


I am hoping to retake the NAT after I have micro under my belt...heard people say they did better after micro. I didn't do nearly as good as I was expecting. Was hoping for at least 103 and got a 96...need to bump that up to lock in a night school spot!

Goodluck Knurse!

I got a 95.3 the first time, BUT I had only taken AP1, and half of AP2 and half of Chem, so Im sure I just took it too early. Im hoping for at least a 100. That will give me 207 points:)I thought the hardest part was Academic Aptitude. Its arithmetic that you have to think about, but you only have about 30 seconds per question to figure it out. If I would have had more time it wouldnt have been a problem. I ended up guessing on about 35 out of the 90 so that hurt. The clock will be you biggest enemy.

The math is simple in that since it's multiple choice you must eliminate answers and then do the math close enough to figure which one of the two answers is the "correct" one.

IE if you're doing a 70*39 problem. Just treat it as a 7*40 problem then - 7 from the answer then add one zero.

There was a mpg question and a pretty descent division question on there. If you know and can implement simple math shortcuts, you will do fine. Some have argued online that taking it on the computer is cheating because you can use the windows calculator if your proctor is not watching :uhoh3: The shape questions work like tetris but not only can they rotate but they can "flip" like mirrored. There were two mirrored questions on mine. Make sure you match the inner and outer shape and orientation. One of mine was a mirrored triangle. The triangle mirrored stayed the same but the internal 3 stars or boxes changed orientation. Fine details.

Read the excerpt fully, let it soak in a minute, then begin to answer questions on it in the reading section. Who is the author(s)? they found that this drug did what? etc etc.

Thanks for the info. Sounds like I really need to practice speed reading and math shortcuts. I will have completed my Chem and AP2 classes in May.

Someone on another thread posted this, "I recommend taking the NAT once at least 90 days before you plan on applying because you can only take the test twice a year with a minimum of 90 days between each test.

That way, if you dont do too well your first time, you know what to expect the next time and can try to get higher score since I hear they ask you the same questions. Worth the extra 35 dollars."

I think my best bet would be to wait till May to take the NAT for the first time (after Chem and AP2) then again after Microbiology. Hopefully, one of these will get me enough points to be accepted to the Nursing Program since I will have exhausted my two attempts for 2011.

What do people do when they have completed their pre-req's and are waiting to retake the NAT? I don't want to sit on my hands.


ok, so I have AP1 under my belt now. I am registered for AP2 and CHM1032C in Spring 2011. I am really excited and nervous. Are you all doing anything other than attending class to prep for the NAT?

-NJ ;)

Which campus are you taking ap2? I had chm1032c this past semester. It was cool. I 've learned alot from that class and ap1. ap2 has me a little freaked.

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