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I graduated in December 2009 received my WI license in April and my FL license in June. I've been applying all over the place and when I finally got a call to set up an interview I got turned down for said interview because I was still living in Wisconsin and they weren't willing to do a phone interview or a video chat interview.

This is the second place that has called about an application that I have turned in, and neither of them apparently look too closely at anything. Both were shocked to find out that I was still in WI and not already living in FL. If they would've actually looked at my information they would've seen that my current address is in WI. I'm not about to pick up everything and move across the country when I don't have a job secured. To me that is just being smart about it. Anyone else that is trying to relocate running into this type of problem? I'm more than willing to fly down and do a face to face interview if it is a second or third interview where I feel I may potentially get the job.

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It sounds like you already planned on moving down to Florida anyway. Do you have moving expenses so that you can get down there and find another job while you search for a nursing position?

Good luck in your job hunt.


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sorry, but I only did one interview, face to face (offered position on the spot after walk through). if you want the position, take the flight. i've been in health care for more than 10 years, 5 as a nurse (LPN THEN RN), i've never did more than one interview. Not to say, you don't do your research, I relocated for a position. I knew more about the area, place and job than most of my coworkers. no one is going to give you a chance over the phone.


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if you want the job... you gottta do what it takes esp in this economy.


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I am in the same boat as you, I believe. I graduated in May 2010 and just obtained my RN Licensure. My problem is that I am from a town on the MI/WI border, so I am currently trying to find a job in the UP or in Wisconsin (preferably in the Milwaukee area). I am having a hard time getting hospitals to even look at my application. My solution is to apply for a WI License and hope that having that extra licensure will get my application looked at. Have you considered getting your FL licensure?


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OP says he got his FL license in June. It is the lack of a FL address that is tripping him up.


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Missed that. Looks like you gotta travel for the 1st interview. It'll be worth it!

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As things have tightened even more, it makes no sense to move without a job in hand. The only reasonable alternative is if you have family to hang out with for a while in that other state. And, that can be tricky dependent on your "residence" and proof thereof.