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I am a recent graduate of a BSN nursing program in Iowa. I took and passed my boards about a month and a half ago(Which took forever to actually get my approval to test from the state of Illinois). I have still not received any word on the status of my license and I am becoming very frustrated because my fellow graduates have already passed boards and become officially licensed in no time at all back in Iowa. Anyone know exactly how long before I am officially an RN instead of a person who just passed their boards????

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Hmmmm. I can't remember how long it took. But you say you passed the boards. I remember getting a notice then from the state, who, wanted me to give them $50 more to receive my license in the mail. Did you try and look yourself up on the licensing lookup site for Illinois?


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Yeah, I received the notice to pay the extra $50 a week after I passed my boards and sent it the next day. The check has YET TO BE CASHED, and when I call the department of regulations I have yet to speak to a human being for over 3 weeks. I fear I will be done with orientation on my floor before I even receive my official license (FYI I am hired on as a NAII, which is pretty much a nursing student again.)

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Hmmmm. IDK. IL is notorious for many reasons :) Are you sure you are calling a valid phone number? I wonder if you might shoot off an email to ask if there is a contact regarding such that they could give you. I have emailed the IL Center for nursing in the past and they got back to me in a day or two via email.

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IL is notoriously slow in processing out of state applications. I'm sorry for your inconvenience.

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Welcome to Illinois....:cool: I'm sorry it's been a long process....


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Also, make sure your student loans are paid. IL will suspend your license over that!


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If you call you will remain on hold for at least 2 hours, I think I stayed on for 3 hours one time. I did this many many times. It took me 2 months to get my license because they kept "losing" my fingerprints. I was reprinted 3 times before they said they got them. I was 2 days from having my temp license expire in Missouri when I finally got it. Illinois Department of Professional Regulation sucks.


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Hi, I'm a new grad also. Mine went through right at about 10 days. I kept checking the website listed above by MrChicagoRN & found myself listed just a day or two before it came in the mail.

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Hey, MrChicagoRN, Thanks so much! I've been waiting for my Illinois license for 10 weeks...and I did a look up and I'm active! I appreciate your post!