Frustrated with the California Board of Nursing


They don't answer calls...EVER. They don't respond to emails!! What is wrong with them? How is a person to get information?

I"m a Canadian nurse. I have the NCLEX done, Minnesota License and TN Visa Certificate.

I'm applying to California by endorsment and doing a walk through. However, I do not have a Social Security they ask for it in their application forms. Now what? Do I really need the SSN?

Can Canadians get a SSN?:(


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I'm not certain, but I don't think non-citizens can get SSNs. Mexicans, that are working in California, can get taxpayer identification numbers to pay income taxes (if they choose to do so). I would call the 800 number for the Social Security Administration and ask your ?. I found this number in a local phone book: 1-800-772-1213.

Your comment about the CA BRN is true. They are swamped and known for not being easily reached. I suggest using a letter, certified w/return receipt, (however, Canadian postal system does this). Good luck.

Also look in the International forum or the Phillipines forum for threads about getting licensed. Suzanne4, our resident expert, talks about this subject often. You can PM her, and she probably can answer you directly. Hope this helps.


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Your awsome thank you!

This whole process has taken over a needing to get a SSN..the paperwork...Well, I'm tired of it!


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From what I've seen, there's something called the retrogression, that is putting everything on hold anyway. Suzanne talks about the status of this stuff all the time. You may be delayed longer than normal. Hope everything works out all right for you!

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Non-citizens can get SSN's, as long as they are authorized by DHS (homeland security) to work.


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I have a friend from Canada. He said it was really easy to get a SSN here, and that was before he married an American. Also, my daughter is dating a young man from S. Korea. He's here on a work visa and has a SSN. Good luck!

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i went through the same walk through process....once you recieve your TN visa, you can easily go to any security office at the state you plan to work in and apply for the SSN (you can also apply for it in a different state). you must show all the appropriate documents that prove you are legally entitled to work in the U.S. This includes your passport, visa screen certificate and your TN visa that you received. once you get your SSN (usually within a week- depending on the city), you can apply for the endorsement at the BON. hope this helps!


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Yes, I had the same frustrations, but worse. You DO NOT need a SSN to apply for CA TEMP LICENSE. You do however, need to have applied for a temporary license, then when you arrive in CA you go to get a SSN then send in a form for Permanent license with the SSN on it.

Make sure all forms are filled out correctly and you send n your fees at the same time.

Just keep calling them over and over!!! That's what I did and the operators started to recognize me.HAHAHAHA.

It is all worth it because taxes are 25% instead of 37% in Canada.



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Don't forget to apply with the CGFNS for a visa certificate. $400 CAN.:smilecoffeecup:


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I got through to the Board quite quickly by telephone, first thing in the morning CA time, for what it's worth... I think it was a Tuesday. Good luck! They didn't answer my emails, either; but everyone I spoke to was knowledgeable and helpful.


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Actually, they are not all as informative as the other. There were frustrating times when I was gettng different answers to my questions. I would call them back and confirm what the last person had said, or ask to speak to your evaluator. When you EVENTUALLY get a hold of that person ask for their direct line. Sometimes they claim to have difficulty contacting people out of the country!:angryfire

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