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French nursing student

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I am 23 years old and I will be finishing nursing school in France in december (the studies in France last 3 years and a half). I intend to take the equivalence (the NCLEX) as soon as I'm done to

be able to work in the States. I'm really excited to have found this site because I had been looking for one for such a long time. I have one in France and I really like it ! Hope this one will be just as fun!! I would love to find students who would be

like to keep in touch with me to learn more about this wonderful profession and how it works in the US and eventually tell you about my french experience. I would love to learn basic vocabulary specific to nurses and how they work in hospitals. I'd also like to know how schools work, what's in the nursing program and the NCLEX ! Thanks to anyone who will have the courage (and patience) to answer me !!


Welcome! Your english is excellent, by the way. I'm sure you will get many replies, but if you don't, write again. These posts tend to get lost when a lot of comments are being made from day to day.

Hello Aude,

Congradulations and Welcome to nursing. I am an lpn been for 6 1/2 years work in the ER. I to love nursing wouldnt want to do anything else. I am excited to talk to you and learn about nursing in France, and the differences between France and the states. Im sure everyone on this BB will try to help answer any quistions that you may have, So bring it on smile.gif alicia

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Bonjour Aude,

How nice to hear from you. My family hosted a French student from Lyon about seven years ago. She recently was an instructor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, where she returned the favor and hosted my daughter for a weekend. My daughter decided to attend college there and has now nearly completed her first year. Our friend Emmanuelle has returned to France and we have lost contact with her. She was a really nice young woman.

Please email me if you'd like to talk further. I would love to hear about your studies in France. Bon Chance!


Hello Mustangsheba

I'm thinking of moving to Portland Oregon from Idaho. Can you recommend any of the Portland hospitals as good places to work?


Salut Aude, Welcome to America!

If you ever decide to work in NYC please let me know, I will do my best to show you around. I speak French, had lived in Paris for 4 years. I also go back each summer to visit friends (except for this year: I am taking summer classes, both summer 1 & 2, to speed up things).

Best wishes, Christina

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Email me if you come to Orlando,Fl. I have worked here for 7 years as a RN.

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