Forget it !!!!


I'm so annoyed with all the stuff this nursing agency wants me to have in order to work for them. Long story short: I'm immune to MMR and Varicella. I refuse to pay for and receive these vaccines when I already have positive titers. If I can't work for your agency without getting these vaccines then, forget it ! I'll look else where. Thanks for letting me vent !

Jensmom7, BSN, RN

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If you have your titres isn't that sufficient? I was born before 1957, so it's never really been an issue.

BSNbeauty, BSN, RN

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Jensmom, it should be sufficient. If it isn't too bad, I'm moving on!

Jules A, MSN

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Ridiculous. If they won't take your titers I'd ask to speak with someone else.


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hahaha vent on my dear vent on:up:

I won't titer for mmr or varicella. Had shots too many times to mention because they won't take my word for it that it will NEVER happen.