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I am graduated of nursing school from Indonesia in 2006. And I really want to pass the NCLEX-RN so bad!! I want to reach my goal, to work as a nurse and help other people. But now it's hard for me to make time for study because I have family and a newborn baby. (you know how exhausted it is to be a mom and a wife..).

And TODAY, I made up my mind to go back in track and start reading my nursing material again. But then I was thinking (and I need your help, guys..) Should I go back to a nursing school again? since I was graduate in 2006, because it's been a long time and I need some refreshment!! Or I just need to study my NCLEX RN material??

Thank you and God bless!!

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Get a good book like Saunders and spend some time reading the content. If you have a new born then you don't need to over do it but when they are asleep do some reading. When they go down at night for sleep just do an hour or a couple of hours. If you are determined get your husband on board and ask him to look after things so you can concentrate on studying. Once you feel as if you have studied enough then look at questions and reading the rationale

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If you like to join us, we created study group on Facebook for foreign nurses and local graduates. Most of us schedule for September - October NCLEX-RN exam. look for NCLEX RN review on FB

Start with your licensure board in your state. Fill out all forms and begin with evaluation process but in main time begin to study. Saunders book is great place to start. After reading each chapter, answer all questions in the same chapter. When you are done with this book, start answering questions on CD as many as you can.

Make sure to set up your study time and plan every week for your short , long term goals and during weekend evaluate your results. Break down your material into small sections in the beginning, it was long time since you finished your school, your body needs some adjustments. Evaluate your strongest areas and week, so you don't spend so much time on the material that you already know.

Practice, practice, practice - start with 25 questions per day, then 50, 100 and time yourself, how long it will take you to complete all 265 questions (6 hours - the most).

Stay positive - you can do it!!!

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Hi. I am from Spain and I graduated on 2000. I am trying to find the forum on Facebook, but I can not find it.

It is still open?



Thank you guys for your advice. I already got the Saunders 4th edition, and just need to work on it.

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what's the name of your group in FB. I'm also planning to take NCLEX.

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