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Hello everyone,

I have always been a straight A student, but this fall semester I took A&P I and I got a B-. I am extremely disappointed.

I was just wondering what was everyone's grade for A&P 1, and also do you guys think that I can get into a nursing program with a B-. My overall GPA for the semester was 3.6.

I am studying twice as much now for A&P II, but I am starting to wonder of I am cut out to be a nurse.

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I took A and P along with my nursing classes and it was a challenging class all by itself. I managed to pull off an A for A and P I, but got a B for A and P II, but was also taking microbiology and nursing classes for A and P II. Both classes were very difficult and I had a really good teacher. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself for getting a B in a tough class. A and P is a good building block for going into nursing, but your nursing classes will go more in depth to what you will really need to know.

I would not think you are not cut out to be a nurse based on one grade. I was thrilled to get a B in my nursing classes because some of them were pretty tough and a B was as good as it got for some students. I know plenty of students that didn't make it through the program. It sounds like you are a good student and will be fine with nursing classes. Keep good study habits through your courses and you'll be just fine.

I know a B is not bad for a science class, but I wonder if I got only a B- on A&P then what will be my grades for the nursing classes which are much harder.

I am bit discouraged, but I won't give up just yet.

Thanks for the encouragement :)

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We have lots of people in class that took the A&Ps and did poorly. The ones who got Cs, took the classes over to get As and got in and are doing well. The students that started this last fall had to do better and most did not get in without getting straight As in all of their pre-reqs because there are points attached to each grade and obviously those with the most points have a better chance of getting in. If your school is very competitive, that may mean that you need to take that class over. It does NOT mean that you won't be a good nurse or be able to hack it in nursing school. I truly believe that the more times a person is exposed to a subject, the better they understand it. Some people just "get it" the first time which is terrific but we have a lot of students who were straight A's before nursing school and are now straight C nursing students. It's just the way nursing school and the testing process is. And B is not a bad grade. 25 years ago I would have given anything to get a B in a science course.

My school is very competitive, although it not that great of school. I read a lot of complaints of graduates from my school here at all nurses forums, and I am kind of disappointed. My school offers only ADN programs, and I am seriously thinking about transfer to a University to get my BSN. So I really need to improve my grades. I don't know how is the process to get into a BSN program. I wonder if I have to apply for the pre requirements classes then apply again for the nursing classes or its all in one program. Im am so confused and worry that I can't barely sleep at night!!!

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I got an A in A&P1. I really studied hard and smart for the grade to the point of neglecting my other courses last semester. I still pulled through with a 3.71 GPA for the Fall 2011 semester. I don't think a B- is bad especially since its in a tough course like anatomy and physiology. Very few students in my class got A's. The course is not meant to be easy because A&P1 is a foundation for students who plan on being nurses, doctors, physical therapists, physician assistants which was the reason why my A&P professor said her class is difficult. If you pulled through with a B- that means you learned a great deal. Be proud of your B- because a C is considered average :]

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If you are planning to go to a university, you'll need to look at their specific requirements. So many of them these days require that all of your sciences, psych, math and writing classes have been taken already and you may be require to take some type of entrance exams. Some require a few years of language classes. Some look for healthcare experience. Others want a well rounded student body with students that might come from disadvantaged backgrounds. I'm sure that other BSN programs take freshman and you take all of your general ed classes before taking the nursing classes. Start researching the universities that you'd like to attend. If you are going to a community college, see if their classes will transfer to the U. I find that community college classes are smaller and the instructors are more approachable than at the U.

Thanks for the replies everyone:)

I've already taken all non science pre-requirement classes, including 3 semesters of Spanish, which will cover the languages classes. I was majoring in a different program in another school so I got a lot of classes done, with many that i don't even need for nursing. I got A in all classes if that would help me get into a University....My only worry is this grade for A&P. :(

I love community colleges. The one that I was attending in NY have one of the best nursing programs in the State. Unfortunately, I had to move :(

I only got one B my entire time while completing my prereqs, and it was in AP 1. I took it hard because Im a perfectionist in everything that I do. I got into nursing school the first time I applied, and guess what?? It had nothing what-so-ever to do with my grades. I graduated with a 3.94 GPA, but even if I would have had a 4.0 it wouldnt have increased my chances. Does your school participate in the lottery? My school would put all students who met the requirements (minimum requirements) into a lottery and it was up to chance to see who got in. That means that students who got all C's had just as high of a chance to get in as those with a 4.0.

Now that you have gotten through AP 1, be prepared that nursing school is harder. I thought no class could possibly be as difficult and subjective as that class, then I was slapped in the face by my nursing classes. But AP 1 was by far my favorite class of all time. It taught me how to dedicate myself to the subject and the study skills I learned along the way prepared me for the jouney of nursing school.

Keep up the good work, you will be fine

I got all A's until A&P II - got a B in that one and a B in micro as well. They were hard classes. I worked my tail off and felt proud that I made a B.

I graduate from a BSN program in May - took prerequisites at a community college. So, don't think that one B is going to decrease your chances of getting into a school. They look at all kinds of other things - and different schools do it differently. For my school they looked at the GPA from A&P I, II, Micro, Human Growth &Dev. together as "nursing prep" classes and then they looked at the entrance exam score and overall GPA. There was some kind of a points system. Those who had the most points got in. And, I got in at both my prereq school (ADN program) and the BSN program - it was harder to get into the ADN program!! 2500 applicants for 40 spots!

As far as that grade being a predictor for how you will do in nursing school - maybe it is. I have gotten all A's and B's so far. My GPA is not as high as it was but it is still pretty good. And, when I graduate with my 3.59 GPA I will get the same degree I would have gotten with a higher GPA.

Study hard and learn all you can in A&P - you will need that knowledge base for your future classes. Pathophysiology is just around the corner! : )

Good luck!

Thank you everyone ....I feel much better now :)