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Ok, first I received a bachelor's degree from another university in psychology, over all GPA was 3.6. I went to a community college to do pre-req's for the university, i basically received all straight A's. Now, when I decided to get into a nursing program I had to take all their pre-req's. I received a "C" in both my A&P classes, and a "B" in micro. Did well in chemistry and all the others. I did very well on the entrance exam, entered my BSN program, graduated at the top 5% of my class, now i'm an RN, love my job, well it has its good and bad days, lol. You'll be fine, don't sweat it, A&P is difficult you are doing well.


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I am like you. Doing bad on even one quiz highly upsets me. But we have got to go easy on ourselves. You have a great over-all GPA and you seem to be working hard to do better at your classes. I would try to not worry as much. Just focus on this class and as long as you have learned well in your class, that will help you in the long run. Good wishes.


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I took both A and P 1 and 2 last summer, and I ended up getting an A in both, but in A&P 2 I had only a 91%. Don't beat yourself up about it! I know plenty of people in my nursing program who got B's and even C's in Anatomy 1. I go to a community college that has a lottery, but I don't think that you are going to be disqualified for one B.

Also- A friend of mine applied to nursing school at Towson University (In MD) and was denied because she had one semester with a low GPA. They called her in for an interview and even told her then that they wouldn't accept her because she had more than one C- (She got pneumonia and missed a lot of school, barely passing her classes, but having all A's for the rest of her ADN). Late that year she applied to John's Hopkins, explained what happened, and was accepted and is starting right now! It just goes to show, never give up! The man she talked to at Towson told her they would never accept grades like hers, and now she is going to one of the most prestigious schools in the country! Just keep that in mind.

Good luck, I think you will do great!


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I wouldn't read into it too much to determine how successful you will be in your nursing courses. Honestly, the only time I've seen half of the stuff that we learned in A&P is in A&P! :D It is meant to challenge you. As a nurse, you also need a basic understanding of the human body and how things work, but do you honestly think that you will ever again be explaining the flow of blood through your entire body? Probably not, but you need to get the jist of things!

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I took A&P during the summer, so the course was condensed down to 8 weeks :uhoh3: I was pregnant at the time and missed ONE class because of a kidney infection. That one day I missed lead to my grade going from an A to a C. Thank God I was able to pull my grade up...I ended the semester with a B.

I think that if you have the will to be a nurse then you can nurse. Do not let one grade hold you back if this is your dream/passion/goal. I understand that A's are better, but you learn from your mistakes and you keep on pushing forward!