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This is just a post out of genuine curiosity:

Whenever I work, staff complain about their feet hurting from their shoes, or running, or whatever. I am a male nurse in a primarily female work environment; I like to give foot massages and I am good at giving them, but a part of me feels that offering could be taken the wrong way, or interpreted as an advance of sorts.

From a female perspective, if a co-worker offered you a foot rub, would you take it? (Granted if you had down time)

Just something I was thinking about last night.

No, I wouldn't take it. I think there is the potential for a lot of problems with that offer.

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No. It would come across as creepy.

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Not appropriate in the work envioronment.

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That is not appropriate in the work environment. And yes, it would come across as super creepy. And I have seen all sorts of things done over the years.

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The reason I brought this up was because I like giving back to nurses; I think we owe it to eachother, and I usually do it with food and praise. We work hard, we should support each other. I'm not against back rubs either, I brought up foot rubs because I hear frequent complaints of sore or tired feet.

Glad I brought it up here! I certainly don't want to be unprofessional or innappropriate in any sense, just wondering how it would be viewed or responded to. I don't quite understand why its wierd, but I do understand that it is weird and may be offensive to some. It appears as an affectionate act I suppose, but I see it as only a foot massage.

Thanks for the input! I appreciate it.

My husband works at a hospital and gives foot massages, he picks his people by how he knows them our if they genuinely needs it. If they are in the massage chair, he gloves up and tells them a nice anecdote of how he used to rub his mothers feet. Some may think he is creepy, but it is all in the delivery. The women who get the massages are grateful and appreciative and they don't think it is weird. From am objective standpoint some may find it offputting, but if you are genuine then i don't see a problem with it. I would check with admin. And ask permission. Blantely, if you get go, then go ahead, don't worry about the insecurities of some of you're other female coworkers.

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Super creepy, not appropriate at work.

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I once worked in a facility with a male nurse who would always be coming up behind the female nurses while charting and giving neck rubs... It was creepy. Nice guy, but geeze!

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