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FNPs in south Jersey

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Hello fellow NPs,

i am a new FNP grad in south Jersey in Burlington County I am looking to connect with other FNPs in my area for conversation and collaboration.

It seems in all the discussion boards no one is ever from my area.

Hello..... Are you out there????


I'm in the philly area but still in school!

I'm in the Philly/south jersey area but wont have my fnp for about another year! How was your job hunt?

South Jersey FNP here! I know what you mean about people not being from this area on this forum. It's good to get to know one another. I just graduated, too.

I am in that area! I graduated last summer and have been working for a few months

Are you all fnp's? How was the job hunt?

I am an FNP. I was job hunting during the winter but it wasn't too bad. A decent amount of doctors were willing to take a new grad. My problem was finding a decent paying job that didn't want me to sign a year contract. I didn't want to be stuck at a job for a year if i hated it, at least not for my first NP job.


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Remember to join your state NP association and your state chapter of AANP!

I've been on a few interviews. I won't say where since I haven't decided on a position yet, but the jobs are out there, even for a new grad. I am not perusing primary care, so most of the jobs I'm looking at aren't the standard salary with benefits type gigs. Hourly wages seem to be in the low 40s, although I was led to believe it would be much higher in school. Perhaps that will come with a little experience. An Adult-Gero NP friend of mine just accepted a position for $90,000 (internal medicine). We are in a good area, I think.


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