Florida’s Covid Cases Up Fivefold in 2 Weeks: ‘The Numbers Are Scary’

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For the second straight day Saturday (6/27/20) Florida surpassed its previous record for new coronavirus cases reported in one day: 9,585 infections; Sunday another 8,530 positive cases reported. Florida total positive cases to date: 138,500+, with 3,400+ deaths

For comparison in PA, positive cases crept toward 85,000, the eighth-highest in the nation; COVID-10 deaths reported 6,150+ . PA saw new cases dip into the 300s by June 17; after reopening, trending upward over the past 10 days, rising to 600 new cases Friday and 621 Saturday. Western and Central PA had changed to GREEN reopening levels 2-3 weeks ago; Allegheny County (Pittsburgh/Western PA area) accounted for largest increase in cases.

Print news reports PA residents admit to wearing masks > 60% time - mask wearing seen in most TV news/Philly newspaper photos. Various TV/print coverage I've seen of Florida areas shows low mask wearing.

WEAR A MASK! message finally gaining traction by governors in TX, AZ (but not in FL). VP Pense seen in TX wearing a mask at public event this weekend, asking Americans to wear face masks, practice social distancing and stay away from senior citizens to protect them. Karen

NY Times: 6/28/2020

Florida’s Covid Cases Up Fivefold in 2 Weeks: ‘The Numbers Are Scary’


A surge in coronavirus cases has prompted officials to prohibit alcohol sales in bars and close Miami beaches for the coming holiday. But will it be enough?

...On Saturday, for the second straight day, Florida crushed its previous record for new coronavirus cases, reporting 9,585 infections. Another 8,530 were reported on Sunday....

...Six-hour lines formed in Jacksonville over the weekend as thousands of people flocked to get drive-through tests. Orlando has seen an explosion of coronavirus: nearly 60 percent of all cases diagnosed in that county came in just the past two weeks.

Much of Florida’s new surge in cases appears to follow from the reopening of beaches, bars, restaurants and other social activities. The state’s beaches are full and throngs of revelers pack its waterways on boats....

...Florida now joins South Carolina and Nevada among the states that broke daily records over the weekend....


FL Covid-19 database: https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/96dd742462124fa0b38ddedb9b25e429


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CVS is offering COVID-19 testing at ZERO cost for test per website; Several Florida sites available along with sites throughout 1/2 U.S.. Testing locations: https://www.cvs.com/minuteclinic/covid-19-testing

My oldest son (diesel truck mechanic, goes to many truck locations for maintenance) was able to go online last night, found local PA store and set-up appointment for today, 15 min wait -- hated the nasal swabbing test.

If you donate blood via Red Cross, blood will be tested for COVID-19 , also free--younger son informed during last weeks donation; thankfully negative.