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  1. I did not know this. This is a stunning statistic.
  2. 100,000 lives gone. WOW!! Read in its entirety: Trump notes 'very sad milestone' after U.S. coronavirus death toll surpasses 100,000
  3. The novel coronavirus pandemic has now killed more than 660,000+ people worldwide. US surpassed 150,000 deaths in just 6 months, one quarter of worldwide deaths, Karen ABC News July 29, 2020, FEMA says the COVID-19 death toll is surgingNew cases d...
  4. Healthcare Fatalities

    This makes me sad to read, but happy that they are posting it. Lost on the frontline
  5. And some still don't believe it is a real disease. Or that it will affect them or their loved ones .. "200,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the US. That's more than the US battle deaths from 5 wars combined" "Covid-19 is now the second...
  6. CNN July 23, 2020 Nursing home worker deaths going unscrutinized by federal government
  7. Emergent

    Covid death rate 0.5-0.8% NYC data

    According to the testing results, it is estimated that 25% of the over 8 million people in New York City have already had the virus. The death rate is 0.5-0.8%, with the higher rate including presumed, but unconfirmed, cases. https://www.washingtonpo...
  8. For the second straight day Saturday (6/27/20) Florida surpassed its previous record for new coronavirus cases reported in one day: 9,585 infections; Sunday another 8,530 positive cases reported. Florida total positive cases to date: 138,500+, wit...
  9. Tell Senators to PASS the HERO's Act. Nurses ask Congress to enact workplace protections, illustrate 164 COVID-19 deathsABC News July 21, 2020 NNU: Nurses Endorse the House Stimulus HEROES Act
  10. Pools and massages: Yes or No?

    I do not know if this is the right forum. I looked on internet and got no answers. Where I live some massage spas have opened. You think a full body massage, head to toe, is too risky now? Business is slow. My suburb has a few Covid casualties so f...
  11. How did Vietnam (97 million people) manage to keep its coronavirus death toll at zero? Read in its entirety: How Vietnam managed to keep its coronavirus death toll at zero
  12. Read in its entirety: COVID-19 has now killed more Americans than the Vietnam War