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  1. by   twodollarbills
    Sam - if you get in you could probably stay the night at the house of one of the other girls that gets in and that already lives here so you can look around town and make a decision actually based on seeing the place. I have lived in Gainesville for 4 years and can also help you out with information... I have never lived in an apartment complex in town though, so I can really only help you by telling you about the part of town it is in, rather than the place itself. People will probably disagree with me, but I think a general rule of a place to live that is not too far away from anything is to stay in the teens or less when looking at street and ave numbers. Then you are near midtown, downtown, campus, etc. (for example, I live on 9th and 6th, I am about a mile from downtown, two miles from midtown, and 3 miles from Shands/College of Nursing) there are a lot of places to live within those parameters that are safe to live in. Gainesville kind of just has a few random streets scattered here and there that feel a little unsafe, rather than one huge area to avoid.
  2. by   Shaunna
    Quote from CNA Sam
    I will be new to town! I look on craigslist and other websites for housing advice but I am waiting on the acceptance decision to really focus my attention on that and finding a PRN job. I was reading that some apartment complexes have frequent robberies, rapes, etc. I would like to stay away from all that even if that means it takes me forever to find a parking spot when coming to class. There is always the bus also.
    Yeah, it shouldn't be too hard to find a place to couchsurf for a night or two while you're looking. I've never found anything on Craigslist, but there is a free service called Apartment Hunters that can help you find places to look. If you're in town, you might want to also wander through the nursing building/health library and look at the boards-I've seen lots of pharm/nursing/med students looking for roommates for cheap and close to campus.

    My experience is that crime is really not too much of a problem in areas where students tend to live. I live a couple miles from campus on the 35 bus route (straight to school/Shands), and pretty much all of the complexes on this route are nice but inexpensive student places.

    I would really recommend against driving to campus. For one, the farther away you are from campus, the easier it is to confuse the cheap student apartments with the cheap sketchy apartments. For another, parking is really bad. REALLY. And we don't qualify for any of the good parking lots; you would probably end up in the Park and Ride lot....which is quite far and quite a pain. Much better just to be on one of the bus routes and take the bus to campus if you can!
  3. by   mdaniellek
    I'm so nervous/anxious! (: Good luck everyone!!
  4. by   NP Sam
    Me too!!! Only a couple of days now..... I hope everyone who posts in this forum(and everyone who reads it who is also applying gets in)!

    :bowingpurI am praying like crazy!
  5. by   twodollarbills
    I am so nervous too guys! I cannot wait to hear from you all (hopefully that you all got in!), good luck everyone!!!!
  6. by   Shaunna
    I remember how horrible this wait was! People that are in Gainesville should be getting their letters tomorrow or Friday since they were supposed to go out today. Good luck everyone! I look forward to meeting the next crop of baby nurses!
  7. by   LM625
    Ahhhh so excited and SOOO nervous. I've been reading these for awhile and figure I might as well join! I'm a senior at UF right now, hoping to be there next year as well! Good luck everyone
  8. by   Blink2010

    I went to nursing office again yesterday and was told that their goal is to mail the letters recently, so "you are expecting to get your mails a few days later".

    So anyone here who receives the letter, please let us know so that we can know their progress.
  9. by   twodollarbills
    I checked on here a million times today because I was so sure that someone would get their decision letter today. Maybe tomorrow!
  10. by   lbsd
    hi everybody!

    i am new to this post but this is my second year applying to the accelerated program. i applied last year and got on the waitlist but did not make the cut. my undergrad gpa is a 3.8 and a 4.0 post-bacc gpa. i scored a 1260 on the gre. i think the numbers were ok but i was also in two pre-reqs when i applied, a&p ii and micro.
    although i was disappointed, i made the most of this past year. i am 28 yrs old and nursing will be my second career. i decided to go back and follow my passion.
    i know i want to pursue a doctorate and look forward to one day practicing in the field of nursing.
    good luck to you all in pursing your passion in nursing. if your journey does not begin this fall don't be discouraged and keep pushing forward!
  11. by   mdaniellek
    Quote from twodollarbills
    I checked on here a million times today because I was so sure that someone would get their decision letter today. Maybe tomorrow!
    HaHa me too
  12. by   africa.bound
    is there any way to find your status online?? like when we applied for undergrad??
  13. by   mdaniellek
    I called the admissions office the other day and I was told no, since the post bacc application was paper and not computer.