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I am a pre-nursing student attending UCF Orlando Campus. I am applying this summer to Cocoa Beach and Daytona Campuses to start Spring 2013! Eeek! I know there have been other forums regarding... Read More

  1. by   ArrowRN
    I was just reading last years UCF Daytona thread "Anyone apply for UCF nursing 2011 at Daytona Beach" and seems like they got acceptance letters around September 1 for the Spring 2012, boy they are late with us this time around. Tommorrow should be D-Day I'll be checking email soon as I come from work, this is scarier than halloween.
  2. by   kikila
    Im pretty sure we will only be receiving email around 5 again
  3. by   mc0323
    atleast it's today the 3 month wait comes to an end finally!
  4. by   chavon13
    Today is going to be a long day! Lol
  5. by   laurenmalauren
    I've actually lost 5 lbs from stress and being sick! But I guess if we didnt want it that bad we wouldn't be worried at all lol im just grateful I even got this far and I've tried my best and tonight well see if that was good enough. Hey does anyone know how they scored us at our interview? I know we had a score sheet but did anyone happen to look an see if they were bubbling anything in while people were talking?
  6. by   mc0323
    they didn't bubble anything while the interview was taking place I'm sure they did it after we left the room since they made us put our name tags where we sat at the interview.. so they talked after our interviews about us before the next set of people came in
  7. by   bermuda74
    I just got my email!!!!!!!! I got into daytona campus!!

    and waitlisted for my second choice, cocoa beach. I guess that's automatic, accepted to one and waitlisted for the other.
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  8. by   mc0323
    Congratulations!! did you apply for both?
  9. by   crystalcship
    "Congratulations! The Admissions Committee has completed the decision process for the Class of 2014 UCF College of Nursing Undergraduate Program BSN Track (Spring 13 Brevard/Cocoa Campus), and you have been selected for conditional acceptance."

    This would be so awesome except I didn't apply to Cocoa?! I applied to Daytona. I'm so confused.

    Did they tell you in two emails which you got accepted into and which you waitlisted?
  10. by   spidersignal
    Hey all! Congrats to all that got accepted!

    Weird question: I got accepted to UCF Cocoa and waitlisted to Daytona. I'm thrilled I got accepted, but would have much preferred to go to Daytona. If I found someone (on here for instance!) that would rather go to Cocoa and they got accepted into Daytona, do you think they would allow us to switch? ...
  11. by   spidersignal
    I would definitely give them a quick phone call before they close at 5. Strange!

    And yes, two emails but I applied to both campuses so if you only applied to 1 I would expect only that one email that you already got. Good luck! Hope everything gets straightened out.
  12. by   Amp10m
    I'm in!! Holla Daytona!!!
  13. by   mc0323
    I got into Cocoa!!! omggg congratulations to all