TGH or Florida Hospital Tampa

  1. Hi everyone
    I have been offered a position at TGH with good pay but also similar position at Florida hospital with less pay..i am wondering which one is a better choice..i am from out of state and dont have much experience with florida nursing...
    can anyone help please
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  3. by   brn14me
    Tampa General is one of the premier hospitals in the area. I'm not a nurse yet, so hopefully someone with work experience can chime in....but TGH is top of the list of places I'd hope to work once I finish school.
  4. by   pedsRN28
    I know TGH is a great hospital but I live FHT too. Both are supportive to staff and great teaching opportunities. Employees have to pay to park at TGH. FHT is transitioning from UCH to FHT so there's a lot of change happening...either would be great choice. I chose FHT because of location to my home, (free parking lol). Both off tuition reimbursement and great benefits (FHT benefits start day of hire) so it depends on what u want out of an employer
  5. by   Bnurs
    Thanks alot
    I am also thinking of the commute but TGH would pay almost 5$/hr more
    Can you also tell me roughly how much deductions i would have per pay...I have never worked in the states, im from canada and we get really taxed coming to florida means i am gettinga major pay cut bc the pay here is higher but i am guessing ill pay less taxes?
    What should i expect to bring home? lets say if i make 25/hr? and dont consider benefits
  6. by   Isiah4031
    I work at FHT and love it. All the changes have been positive and the newer management has been supportive and encouraging. Pay is less than TGH, but profits are also higher and FHT is non-profit. That means there are no shareholders and money made is money put back in. I work on a floor where a lot of physician's groups have come over from TGH. In the end, it's your decision to make. But- it also depends on what type of floor you'd be working on. Good luck!
  7. by   pugmom79
    The worst experience I ever had at a patient was at a Florida hospital. Tgh is very well known. I would choose them over anyone else every in that area every time.
  8. by   pedsRN28

    What you bring home depends on a number of things aside from benefits. Like the exemptions you claim, experience, department and hours worked. No experience med surge floor I'll guess somewhere around $1300 bi week give or take but again that's based of certain factors. Either way round I think it's a great pick (FHT). As said on here the staff is super supportive! I know this is late btw but I've been working a lot sorry!
  9. by   mike23
    Hi all!! I am a new BSN graduate deciding between 2 offers: TGH acute care GN Residency or St. Joseph's acute care GN Residency. TGH starts at $23.07 and St. Joseph's at $24.74 for the day shift. I am completely torn between the two! If any one here has worked at either hospital ( or both ) please post your thoughts and advice. Thanks in advance!
  10. by   NeekaG18
    I hope you haven't turned St. Joseph's hospital down. They are excellent in terms of patient care and how they treat their staff. TGH is great for patient care as well but isn't as supportive to their staff so the turnover is higher. I work for St. Joseph's and it's very difficult to get in. Everyone I've spoken to who works there is beyond happy with their job and the benefits are great!
  11. by   Franklin RN BSN MSN
    TGH is also not for profit. The Adventist Hospitals have been involved in more lying and fraud than I have ever seen in any healthcare hospital organization ever. All you have to do is Google "Adventist Florida Hospital Tampa Fraud". Isn't it disgusting? Apparently the rn turnover is very, very high at Florida Hospital Tampa. They have a large new grad program but make them sign this God awful contract where even if they fire you, they come after you and sue you and go after your license. Lots of nurses have been trying to go after some of the nursing managers licensees there too?? The managers are apparently not nice at all to any of the new graduates?? The new DON director of nursing is apparently really scary to work with. Since I have never worked with her I do not know directly myself but the storeis sound pretty gruesome of the way she treats her and old ones.
  12. by   Koroll
    parking is only 10.00 a pay period.. its not bad.