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:bugeyes:I looked online at my results. I would most definitely purchase the TEAS study guide and/or www.amazon.com/McGraw-Hills-Nursing-School-Entrance-Exams/dp/0071599371 . studying should be ur... Read More

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    Thanks timnug!
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    hi **~pouty~** , thank you for the info.
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    Good luck!!
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    Yeah thats a good one!!!..
    Thanks, this is a very helpful
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    The rapidshare link is still working. I just downloaded and uploaded, good for another 90 days. Thanks for keeping it going!
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    Do you remember any of your Reading and comprehension questions. I did poorly in those areas, Any tips will help. thanks

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    Hey everyone I took the TEAS test for UT Tyler on June 27 and this is what I did to prepare and what happened at test day:

    I got the study guide from ATI...this I think is the best one to study because it prepares you for the exact format of the test.

    The website I went was testpreview.com.....and look for the TEAS tab...this will give you more questions to practice on...

    On the day of the exam....show up early...this what happened:

    The exam is all computerized, you do not need a calculator, so that means you have to calculate everything on paper. In my school, Only 9 people took the test unlike the N.E.T. where 50 people showed up, and as always, Im the only guy there. Know your conversions, metric to standard and vice versa. Know your algebra, fractions, whole number calculations, and how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius....that was my last math question...and make sure you get a scratch paper and write small so you can utilize all the space in it. There are questions in there that you must use paper, unless you have photographic memory. For sciences, know your geology.....Basically, Know everything on the ATI TEAS study guide....Depending on your school requirements(you need to ask your advisor) study only on the required test and try to get the competitive score, and not the passing score....it will look better..

    You get your results as soon as you finish....and P.S. (do not move to the next page of the test until you certain your answers are all what you want them to be)

    For UT tyler...the required/recommended score is 64% on reading and math and that is calculated on using the point system...

    MY score was...87.5 on reading, 82.2 on math, 85 on english, and I know 70 on science( I dont need that for my school--I passed though)...my overall composite is 81.7....I was gonna retake the TEAS but my advisor said that score is good enough...so my advise is...Talk to your advisor!!! about the requirements in your school so you wouldnt understudy or overstudy some subjects.......Goodluck on the TEAS test, I think the hardest part is the science one due to geology and physics questions......Let me know if you have any further questions!!!!
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    [quote=5_Star_Nurse;4010215]Do you remember any of your Reading and comprehension questions. I did poorly in those areas, Any tips will help. thanks[/quote

    I am taking my test tomorrow. When you going to take?
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    Hi, 5 star nurse

    I will help you, but i don't know if you had the same test as I?
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    thanks for the link!!
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    I will help you, but i don't know if you had the same test as I?

    I passed the testI am so happy.

    math 90
    reading 83%
    science 94%
    english 82%
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    Which ATI study guide is better.... the study guide manual or the online practice tests? Which should I buy?

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    Both are good and serve different purposes. The study manual teaches and prepares you to take the test, while the online manual is very similar to the real test and gives you an idea as well as practice for the real test. I wold say get both. If you have to choose one, then get the study manual.
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    Thank you so much. Have you used McGraw-Hill's study guide? Do you know if the test is similar to those practice tests in that study guide? Have a happy new year!