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So I am going to apply to SPC's RN program for the Jan 2010 semester. I have everything but my Micro/Lab finished. I know they look at your GPA from certain classes and I have all B's in those... Read More

  1. by   Morgan0429
    I spoke with one of the admissions people at SPC and asked when the letters are expected to go out and they said that things are running behind this semester. I guess some people had some trouble with their transcripts or something and things are taking a little bit longer than usual. She said give a few more weeks.
  2. by   scuba-girl
    "thepopes", you applied for the jan 2010 RN program at SPC and have not heard back yet? is that why you were asking?
    did you ever go there to find out for yourself if they could tell you if you got in? they might be late in sending out letters, but if you went in maybe they could look your name up and tell you personally if you got in for January?
  3. by   scuba-girl
    did you try for jan 2010 too Morgan?
  4. by   thepopes
    Yes, I've applied for Jan10. I havn't called or gone in yet because I know they said it would be at least until Aug 15th until we would hear anything. Now that I found out from all of you that they are behind I figure they won't tell me anything anyway :-( I definitely appreciate all the info anyway.
  5. by   Morgan0429
    Yes I did apply for Jan 2010. I think about it EVERY DAY!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!! They EAYL is on Sept 18th..so If I don't get into the program by SPC, I am going to try thru them...Good luck everyone!
  6. by   thepopes
    Morgan, do you have all of your pre-req's done?
  7. by   Morgan0429
    I have everything but micro done and I am doing that this fall. The EAYL director and SPC said that you don't NEED micro to be in the program, but it still looks better on you application. I only have a 3.0 right now, so maybe micro will give me a tiny boost and I can charm the pants off of the admissions people What is your academic situation???
  8. by   thepopes
    AWESOME!!! I don't have micro done either and everyone keeps saying that EAYL won't accept you if you don't have them alld one. I'm so glad to hear differently. I'm taking it online this fall as well with Dr. * I have everything else done and about a 3.6. I really want to get in through the EAYL though so that I can get a foot in the door. Good luck to you and again THANK YOU for the awesome info. Let me know as soon as you hear anything.
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  9. by   studentsurfer
    Acceptance letters for the Spring 2010 semester were put in the mail today 8/4. I visited the campus and found out that I made it!!!! Good luck to all!
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  12. by   Morgan0429
    So I got my letter for today and I didn't make it into Spring 2010 It says the avg. GPA was 3.66!!! I will be put back into the re-evaluation pool and they will be re-evaluating again Aug 15th and final acceptance letters will be mailed out week of Sept 1st. BOOO!!!!! Still keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!
  13. by   thepopes
    I'm super nervous to get my mail when I get home. I'm prob in the same boat as you. I don't have micro done so that I'm sure knocks me out too. Lets keep hoping for some drop outs!!!! Good Luck!
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